5 Fall Dresses You Need

It is time to say goodbye to scorching sunny days and hello to the beautiful changing leaves of autumn. While it may be sad to see summer go, the cooler weather ushers in a period of new dresses with thicker knits and longer sleeves. It’s hard not to be excited about the cooler, chicer, and more intricate designs of autumnal clothing. Fear not the questions of what to wear as there are five fail-safe staple dresses on this list you will definitely be rocking this fall!

Milkmaid Midi Dress

The fashion world has become entranced with the milkmaid design and cottage-core aesthetic. And if there is a dress to live in this autumn, it is a milkmaid midi dress. It is a versatile piece that can be worn on a nice dinner or a chilly picnic on Saturday. And more likely than not, you also wore it this summer. The milkmaid midi dress is both a casual and dressy piece. The milkmaid mini was a summer staple. Reimagined with a little more length, a midi milkmaid dress is a fall staple! The milkmaid midi dress can also greatly vary with texture and patterns, so you can be sure to find the perfect milkmaid dress for you. It is a great transitional piece, and who can say no to a sweetheart neckline?

Ribbed knit dress

An impossibly chic and cool piece in your closet this fall is the ribbed knit dress. Opting for a midi or maxi with long sleeves will be the best fashion choice for those of us that live in a colder climate. The choices for a ribbed knit dress are impossibly long with the variety of knits out there. A ribbed dress in an earthy tone will be the perfect understated pop of color every fall wardrobe needs. In addition, knitting is known to create a flattering silhouette, and the stretchy fabric is ever-so-comfy. A ribbed knit dress can also be customizable for location. A fashion-forward woman in the Pacific NorthWest would opt for a thicker knit with long sleeves, while Floridians can shop for a thinner knit. River Island, a London-based brand, is a great choice for thicker knits, while Fashion Nova, an American-based online retailer, is a better choice for affordable thinner knits.

Floral Midi Dress

The Floral Midi Dress is an effortlessly chic outfit that will pull you together in a single moment. The floral midi is the perfect combination of feminine, modest, and elegant. It is a much-needed staple with great versatility like many other dresses on this list. It is a great transitional piece that can be manipulated for the occasion. Some boots and a jacket can make the dress a less feminine look. When paired with a cardigan and strappy sandals, the floral midi is the perfect epitome of feminine energy. The floral midi can come in bold and muted colors with both large and small florals. How you dress is completely up to you and your signature fall style.

White Shirt Dress

A classic piece that is having its revamp in the limelight right now is the white shirt dress. It is a classic piece in many women’s wardrobes but opting for a longer length will make it a new fall staple. The White Shirt Dress is the perfect layering piece for those of us that live in colder climates but is also a great simple outfit for people that live in warmer states. A crisp white Shirt Dress can be dressed up with a sweater vest, tights, and boots. The piece can shine on its own when paired with strappy espadrilles and a statement bag. The dress is relaxed enough that you will not feel like you are overdressed for a night out, and yet it emulates pure elegance and classiness. Depending on the occasion, it can also be spiced up with a more fitted silhouette.

Puff Sleeve Dress

The magical thing about autumnal dresses is the sleeves, and the puff-sleeve dress has made it clear that they are here to stay. Puff sleeves have been introduced for years, and they have been recreated in every fashion item, including dresses. They have stayed season after season, so it makes sense that they are included on this list of staple autumn dresses. Beautifully oversized sleeves can change the silhouette of a dress and add interest to your new seasonal piece. Puff sleeves are not a trend, they are a staple, and they are here to stay! Opting for a longer puff sleeve and length will help create an interesting shape in your next autumn dress.

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