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Wedding Hairstyles |Top 10 Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

Do you have long hair and are you getting married? Next, we present you different styles of wedding hairstyles with long hair. Choose your hairstyle look!

You’ve been growing spectacular hair all year long for your wedding and the time has finally come to choose the perfect wedding hairstyle for you .To help you, we have prepared a photo gallery with the 10 best hairstyle looks for brides with long hair , which you can choose depending on the style of the wedding dress, as well as the hairstyle that best suits the physiognomy of your face.

1. Chignon Collected For Bride

The chignon bun is the quintessential classic for brides with long hair. If you want to give it a touch of modernity, you can do it rolled in a twist letting some loose hair fall in an effortless style . Attach an accessory over the bow, such as floral accents or a jewelry brooch. If you choose an olive leaf accessory you will get an ideal hairstyle to be a very trendy Mediterranean style bride 

2. Long Wavy Hair For Romantic Brides

Long wavy manes are romantic and feminine . In this case, our proposal points to a simple hairstyle endowed with movement thanks to a mane of soft waves that is gathered to one side with a pearl brooch. This type of look fits perfectly with most styles of wedding dresses, but especially those romantic and dreamy brides.

3. Maxi Braid With Flowers For Bride

Are you looking for a romantic and unforgettable image? A good alternative is to opt for a maxi braid adorned with flowers . The hairstyles with braids girlfriends always bring a touch of romanticism perfect for weddings bride looks to the outdoors.

4. Semi-Gathered With Braid And Waves

Another of the suggestions that we present to you are the semi-collected hairstyles for the bride .In this case, you can collect your hair at the back with a simple two-strand braid and let your hair fall back. Decorate it with a floral detail and you will get an adorable bridal look. Super cute!

5. Curly Low Ponytail With Braid Headband

For the most romantic brides who want a hairstyle with volume, you can find the perfect look in the following proposal. It is a semi-gathered low ponytail with curls that is completed with a braid headband. It is a beautiful hairstyle that you can only do if you have very long hair.

6. Top Knot For Bride

The high bride hairstyles are ideal for oval or round faces, as a stylized figure. In addition, they offer a contemporary bridal style that many women choose to bet on. Our proposal is a top knot with volume and a braid around it . If you want to add a romantic touch, leave a few strands loose.

7. Pigtails For Brides

pigtails braids are fashionable in bridal hairstyles: low, medium or high, the ponytail has become the perfect option for all types of brides, from the classic ones to those who prefer a more casual bridal look.In this case, we offer you a princess-style bridal look , with a wavy ponytail hairstyle adorned with a gemstone tiara.

8. Pick Up Smooth

The low and smooth collected hairstyles are perfect hairstyles for those brides who want to convey a sober image and require long hair with which to work the hairstyle. They are ideal to accompany minimalist style wedding dresses.

9. Bridal Updo: With Volume And Waves

Another romantic option that is fashionable in hairstyles for brides with loose hair is a low or medium updo with volume and waves. They are usually accompanied by some braiding or flower or pearl ornaments around the collection.

10. Retro Style High Up

If you want to be a bride with a retro style, you can opt for a high up do with a toupee, straight hair and loose locks . Combine it with makeup with false eyelashes and thick lining for an unforgettable sixties look. And speaking of makeup, we offer you the best tips and ideas for the bridal makeup test

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