Least One Expensive Pair Of Jeans

Why Do You Need At Least One Expensive Pair Of Jeans?

Jeans, I am the queen of spending. It’s no secret that I spend all my money on overpriced hairdressers and good food. I think that if a person is not successful in something, he should at least take good care of himself and treat himself.

And so, after a really bad week, I shelled out 225 euros for jeans.

I know I know. I could have used that money for a nice weekend trip, or something more permanent, like some stupid jeans. But then I realized that it was an excellent investment.

I don’t need to tell you what a great thing jeans are. I wear black skinnies on a date, normal ones to work. I have some washed out, distressed black ones that are my favorite – they go with everything and never go out of style. And I have my new, expensive one.

Well, actually, I’m saving money.

It’s not about how you look, finding good jean is always a challenge. And when you find them, it’s cool to pay extra for them. In addition, quality jeans do not stretch and tear, your butt looks great in them at the beginning, even after three years. And mainly..

..three words: price to wear

A stylist friend of mine once told me about the secret to wearing a price. It’s simple – if you wear jeans for 200 euros 100 times in your life, the price for wearing them is 2 euros. If you wear jeans for 20 euros four times, the price per wear is 5 euros. And since you pay for quality, more expensive jeans will last much longer and often come out cheaper in reality than the cheap ones at first glance.

And something else. Good jeans on a good ass – be prepared for guys who will pay you back by buying you drinks and trying to impress you.

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