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How To Wear Jordans: 5 Effective Style Tips

In the words of Miley Cyrus: “I got Js on my feet. So get like me.”

If you’re fortunate enough to own a pair of Jordans, congratulations! But do you know how to wear jordans?

When wearing such an iconic shoe, you can do so much more than just wear them with a jersey or another sports outfit. There is an endless number of ways to dress them up, dress them down and wear them in cool, unique combos that highlight your awesome kicks.

So, how exactly do you wear jordans? Well, we’re going to go over tips for wearing jordans in ways you may not have thought of before.

Let’s get started! This is going to be fun.

1. How to Wear Jordans with Jeans

One of the latest trends has been pairing your jordans with jeans. However, there are specific styling guidelines.

Jordans aren’t paired with baggy, loose-fit jeans anymore. The best way to wear them today is with something straight-leg or tight around the ankle.
You’re wearing a pair of Jordan’s for Pete’s sake! You want to show them off. Don’t let any excess denim bunched up around the top of your shoe get in the way.

To add to this trendy look, compliment your jeans with a neutral-colored tee and a pop of color with a sweater or light jacket.

2. Dress Them Up

All types of jordans can be dressed up. For women, the best way to do this is to pair them with a dress. A look that’s starting to gain popularity is a pair of jordans, a puffy sleeve dress, and high socks.

Putting those elements together gives you a “sporty casual” yet elegant look for all sorts of occasions.

For men, jordans can be a great compliment to a suit jacket and jeans. They can even go well with a full suit or tuxedo. It just depends on how fancy of an outfit your night out on the town calls for.

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3. Choose The Right Colors

Jordans come in a number of shapes, sizes, and color patterns. You can’t go wrong buying any pair.

Where you can go wrong, however, is in choosing what you wear with them. Don’t clash colors. Make sure the color pattern on your jordans matches your outfit.

If the colors don’t match, at least be sure to wear neutral colors and let your shoes speak for you.

4. Don’t Be Afraid

Just because Drake or Kevin Hart are wearing their jordans a certain way doesn’t mean you have to copy them exactly. Try things out!

We will say, however, use the outfits put together by celebrities and people who dress well as a guide. Take the basics from the pros and then put your own twist on it!

5. The Shoes Are The Star

We touched on this earlier, but if you’re wearing jordans, the shoes are the centerpiece of your outfit. Everything else you’re wearing should highlight your kicks.

This means color patterns that match the silhouette of jordans you’re rocking or neutral colors that don’t take away from the shoes.

If you feel comfortable in more of a classic look, then you’ll want to pair that with one of the more classic Jordan silhouettes. If you’re into a more modern style, then you can pair it with a more modern Jordan shoe.

The Jordan Future Low sneakers may be a good choice for a more “fashion-forward” look.

G’d Up From The Feet Up

Now you’ve got your swag in order. If you have a pair of jordans in the closet, you now know all you need to bust them out confidently.

If you haven’t copped your pair yet, this article on how to wear Jordans should give you some guidance in picking the pair that’s the best fit for you.
Stay hooked to our blog for more fashion and style tips.

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