Wear Black Even In Summer

How To Wear Black Even In Summer

Wear Black is simply immortal in fashion. There is probably no other color that would be more timeless and hide more meanings. If, like me, you belong to the ladies who love to wear black clothes, the summer months can be a problem for you. Stores are starting to fill up with bright neon pieces and your black, dark gray or burgundy shades simply don’t fit in here anymore. Some even consider black a summer taboo. How do you stay true to your personal style when the temperatures rise outside? You don’t have to give up, we have some ideas for you to combine your love of flying with your love of the color that makes you who you are. A few rules apply to black in summer: the choice of material is probably more important than anything else. You don’t want to steam in coarse artificial materials, prefer airy or natural materials. Avoid high collars and long sleeves,


Floral motifs look great on a black background and call for romantic accessories and hairstyles.

Minimalist top

Combine a top with spaghetti straps and a light skirts or denim shorts. Keep the accessories and shoes in your favorite dark shades.


If you’re worried that you might be a bit hot after all, express your affinity for black with accessories. On everything – shoes, handbag, glasses, jewelry… Use a different color, for example white, as the basis of the outfit. It is equally neutral, but at the same time modern and unbeatable.

Maxi dresses

Well, you can borrow something from the Sicilian widow: lace and transparent materials. These two elements are probably the most suitable for maxi dresses. Airy, floor-length dresses can create a big impact with minimal effort. You only need a swimsuit under them.

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