How To Build The Best Sneaker Collection

The global sneaker market has been one of the fastest-growing markets and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2020, the market’s revenue was valued at approximately $79 billion and is expected to hit $120 billion by 2026.

The statistics show how individuals, especially millennials, love sneakers. This is thanks to the footwear’s unmatched comfort. The shoes offer maximum versatility, allowing you to dress them up with nearly any outfit.

You have tons of sneaker brands to choose from. And this can make it a bit hard to start a killer and trendy sneaker collection. But these tips and tricks will help you come up with an incredible collection.

Learn How to Spot Quality Sneakers

This tip is the real deal, especially if it’s your first time buying sneakers. With the rise in demand for these shoes, so many sneaker brands and retailers are coming up and claiming to offer the best. And while some have your best interest at heart, others are out to take advantage of gullible buyers.

Check out online resources for information on how to spot fake Yeezy slides and other types of sneakers. The quality of the material differs, and so does the price. Most fake sneakers have a material that looks almost similar to the original but with a different feel and shine.

Don’t be in a rush to purchase an item simply because it looks pretty and the price is favorable.

Other critical aspects to focus on include the logo. Conduct in-depth research and comparison with the original sellers to identify an authentic logo from a fake one.

Focus on Your Personal Preference Rather than the Hype

The social media generation tends to focus more on trendy and hyped stuff. People no longer value what they want and instead worry more about what others think about them.

Starting a sneaker collection is all about personal preference. Strive to be unique by getting the unhyped sneakers, as long as you love them. Quit worrying about the keyboard warriors who will likely find fault in anything you do anyway.

What is your icon? You can start by drawing inspiration from the people you look up to.

Also, your collection could be based on the story behind the footwear. Read books or check online resources for different brands’ stories or their latest sneaker collections.

It will help not to purchase sneakers just because they look good online or because everyone is buying them, without considering if they fill your soul.

Put Your Finances in Order

Starting a sneaker collection from scratch does not come cheap unless you plan on buying imitations. You, therefore, need to have a really good source of income and start saving for this investment as early as possible.

Start a side hustle and dedicate most of the income to your collection. You can start your collection by buying one sneaker after another. The idea may prolong your collection period, but it’s much better to buy a few expensive sneakers than buy fakes in bulk.

The other reliable idea to help you raise money to collect sneakers is reselling. Again, you will need funds for the business, so make sure you have enough. Buy sneakers in bulk, which you can get at discounted prices. And then use the profit on your collection.

Whichever way you decide to follow, just don’t spend what you cannot afford.

Know What’s Coming Up and When

The fun of starting a sneaker collection is grabbing the shoes before anyone else does. Set the release date, time, and location reminders so you don’t miss out. And the only way to do so is by keeping up with what’s about to be launched and when.

You can start by subscribing to your favorite brand’s email list to get first-hand information on a release. You may also check out sneaker news and sole collector sites for dates and locations, not to mention the numerous blogs that focus on trendy sneaker stories.

You must be ready to keep up with the news, even on social media platforms. And have your money ready so you can get your hands on a pair as soon as they are released. This is also beneficial if you love discounts, as most brands offer up to 50% off for the first bunch.

Know Which Sneakers to Prioritize

You are spoiled for choices. Unfortunately, you have to be decisive on which new sneakers to get first. Indeed, they are all beautiful and tempting, but the goal is to start a collection with value.

Put your money in something that appeals to you and is likely to appreciate in value. It will help to start with the staples, such as the limited Yeezy edition, Adidas Stan Smiths, Dunks, or Jordans. The idea is to cop the most trendy and hyped items without compromising the value.

Consider the size too. This one depends on what you plan to do with the sneakers. If you wish to resell them, you can get ones that are slightly bigger or smaller than yours to expand your potential customer base.

It is also recommended to go for the craziest and most exclusive sneaker releases. Get them now, because once the stock is over, you may never hear of them ever again.

Stay Up to Date With the Trends

The final trick to starting a killer sneaker collection is to always remain in the loop. Stay up to date with the industry trends by joining sneaker news sites and following your favorite brands’ social media pages.

Strive to stay on top of everything related to sneaker collections, so you never miss out on any new releases. You cannot afford to let anything slip out of your grip, as that could be a great loss for your collection.

Start a Million Dollar Killer Sneaker Collection

The key to starting a sneaker collection that you will love is to create boundaries for yourself and stick to them. Avoid chasing the hype and instead, buy what you like. If you find a cool pair, go after them even if no one else is getting them.

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