Good Resolutions To Focus On In 2022

Good Resolutions To Focus On In 2022

Good Resolutions: Exercising, being more productive, drinking more water – who of us doesn’t know the typical resolutions that we keep making and yet don’t keep. How about simply focusing on 4 good resolutions for 2022 that not only sound great, but really enrich your life?

4 Good Resolutions For 2022

Allow time for relaxation

We often want to make our everyday life even more productive and efficient. However, we often end up being overworked, overworked and forgetting ourselves in the midst of being productive. Therefore, in 2022 you should be less strict with yourself and take time for yourself. The breaks in particular help us to find a good balance in life and to draw enough energy for work and private life. Provide more me-time and relaxation. Do something good for yourself and your body and soul: This can be regular meditation, but also a hot bath or a walk in the woods.

Feel Good In Your Body

Yes, losing weight and staying slim is on the New Year’s agenda for many of us. But our feel-good weight doesn’t just have something to do with weight loss. It’s all about being healthy and feeling at home in your own body.

Increase Fitness And Well-Being

If you want to lose weight in the long term and maintain your desired weight, it is important that you feel comfortable in your new body. You shouldn’t feel like you have to judge yourself.

It is much better if you rely on a diet program to lose weight that can be individually adapted to your goals and lifestyle. Depending on your goal, Almased offers you different plans that you can use to not only reduce your weight. Because they contribute to physical fitness and your well-being at the same time.

Consume More Nutrients

Dieting isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about making a positive impact on your lifestyle. Many of us are consuming too many processed foods and artificial ingredients these days. Frozen pizzas, chips and soft drinks, for example, contain a lot of so-called “empty” calories that lack micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and the like. At the same time, these predominantly simple carbohydrates can increase blood sugar fluctuations and lead to weight gain and other physical ailments and illnesses.

Almased is the best way to achieve a balanced diet with whole grain products, vegetables, fruit and sufficient animal and vegetable proteins. The combination of vegetable protein from soy and animal protein from yogurt improves the biological availability of the proteins. Together with the carbohydrates contained in Almased, the two macronutrients are available to your body in a perfect 2:1 ratio. Honey, rich in enzymes, is the third ingredient that allows your body to absorb all high-quality nutrients particularly well.

Just one shake a day with its high protein content and a balanced combination of nutrients increases your daily basal metabolic rate, i.e. your calorie consumption, without any additional effort. The low glycemic index of Almased drinks has a positive effect on blood sugar levels, and you also program your metabolism to “lose weight” in the long term.

Drinking Fast

You’ve probably heard of drinking fasting before. By not eating solid food, you not only lose weight, you also detoxify by breaking down the body’s own cell waste.

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