Goodbye Will Divide Your Lives, But Never Your Memories

Goodbye Will Divide Your Lives, But Never Your Memories

Goodbye: You walk the streets. He walks beside you. You feel his closeness, but at the same time you feel how far away you both are. Different, but still with one thing in common. Love for the other brought you closer. Love was the only reason why you always made up after an argument.

You could never explain to anyone why him and you. It just happened somehow and it was too late to withdraw. You didn’t know if he started loving you only because he was afraid of who else would be capable of loving him, or if it was genuine on his part.

You know he was special.

HIn addition, you were attracted to his mystery and the fact that you did not want to let anyone near his body. You were drawn to him. He was your oxygen, your support. Who would you have if you broke up one day? You already knew then that the moment would come.

You will wake up feeling empty. You will often remember the common place that you always went to and that was yours. It will be a painful time for you. What will it be like to meet someone who has kept your heart and just goes out with him as if nothing ever happened?

Goodbye will divide your lives, but never your memories. Memories and secrets. You belonged to him with all his heart. Tears without words had a value that only he could understand. The words he used to win you over, and which only sounded so nice from him.

And now it will all be gone.

It is true that the days will go slower after that, it will hurt you and you will slowly forget about him. But you will never forget him completely. If you loved him and he was meant to be the love of your life, he will always be a part of your heart. It will hurt when you meet him, all the moments with him will be reflected in your mind, but you have to tell yourself that he was with you, but you have to move on before you can say goodbye.

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