Body Shaming

What is Body Shaming And How Can You Fight It?

Even in today’s world full of intelligent people and especially women, I encounter the fact that I am not enough. I encounter various shouts and words that hurt me because it is about me and my body. So what is it actually about, what is body shaming and how to fight against it?

Body Shaming is a term referring to someone else’s comments on your body. So why am I writing about it? Because it is an opinion that is not kind and respectful, quite the opposite. Body shaming is becoming more and more common, mainly thanks to Instagram and social networks, where anyone can express an opinion, regardless of what they write and how much it hurts.

You must have come across the fact that you were walking down the street and you were not comfortable when someone shouted at you. You’ve probably also encountered the fact that someone simply couldn’t forgive a comment about how you look, what you’re wearing, or simply couldn’t look away. A comment like ” don’t wear a skirts because your legs look terrible in it”  is only as pathetic as the person who made it.

Social networks. I think there is a big problem there. An offensive comment will leave you feeling inferior. We look at pictures and videos of famous celebrities and we really can’t understand how they manage to look so good. I’ll tell you… filters!

Of course, some exercise and take care of themselves, but the Instagram model definitely has skin imperfections. And that’s okay. She too is only human, she is a woman who has her imperfections, but that does not mean she is any less.

How to fight against something like that? Above all, love yourself. Love yourself the way you are and ignore such comments, even if they sometimes hurt immensely, but you know yourself that you have your own value, which is not measured by a stranger with such an opinion. Try to be nice to other women and help them find themselves. Write a post about it on Instagram and reach out to people. It needs to be talked about because self-love is important, but body shaming doesn’t help it grow.

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