My Body Is My Art

My Body Is My Art. And I Love It!

My Body Is My Art: When I was younger, I often encountered various comments and comments about my figure. It was very difficult for me to fit in at that time. I tried to please and please everyone. Actually, I suggested to myself that yes, that’s how I want to look . And I sacrificed everything for it. I sacrificed a lot of tears, a lot of pretense, and especially my health.

Anyone who hasn’t experienced it doesn’t know how hard it is to fit in with the fact that you have a calorie calculator in your head that doesn’t allow you to eat what you’re craving. No one saw how I cried, how I couldn’t stand up and they had to support me, otherwise I would fall. All the examinations that followed, all the crying sessions with a psychologist that had a clear conclusion.

I hated myself so much that I was not able to say one good quality about myself. When she asked me what I like about myself, I couldn’t say a single thing. I felt much inferior to everyone else and it hurt a lot. It was a difficult struggle with myself and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

When I saw a tattoo with the inscription “MY BODY MY ART” a few years ago , I immediately thought: wow, there will probably be something to this . Now I have it tattooed on my butt and those words really mean a lot to me.

I’ve come a long way to be able to say something like this, but here it is! And I’m proud of it! I’m proud of myself for being here and I’m happy with myself! And if someone now needs to care about me and my body, I’ll just say to him: ” Read what’s on my ass!” “

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