12 Simple And Working Tips For Super Shiny Hair

12 Simple And Working Tips For Super Shiny Hair

Go for the right coloring. You’ve probably noticed that hair colored in black or at least in a dark tone looks a lot brighter than colored blonde hair. 12 Simple And Working Tips  But this is not inevitable! For shiny but fair hair, tell your colorist that you want warm, golden highlights.

Eat green vegetables. Preferably, opt for broccoli, spinach, or even chard. Why? Because they are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which will help your body make sebum, an oil that will nourish your scalp, and therefore facilitate the good health of your hair. So, try to consume it at least three to four times a week.

Wash your hair in cold water. We agree we are not happy with the idea, especially in winter. Still, the cool water has an excellent effect on the hair because it automatically tightens its scales—resulting: a less dull and less fluffy appearance.

Use your straightener with a protective serum or spray. Combine your usual hair straightener with a heat protection spray (like the one from ghd, for example). With silicone, 12 Simple And Working Tips it protects and nourishes your hairstyle while helping you style them. To be used on damp hair preferably.

12 Simple And Working Tips: Cut your hair regularly. Even half a centimeter is enough to give your hair some pep. This removes the split ends and therefore gives a cleaner appearance to your cut. The right pace? 12 Simple And Working TipsIt depends on the length of your hair and the style chosen, but on average, an appointment every six weeks at the hairdresser is recommended.

Use the oils for your hair.  The secret to deeply hydrating them? Distribute some oil (such as baobab oil from the Phyto brand, for example) overall hair and let stand for at least 30 minutes. You can also opt for coconut oil. It is best to leave the mask on overnight (taking care to place a towel over the pillowcase to protect it). In the morning, it is enough to make a classic shampoo.

Beer is your friend. Not to sink into alcohol and forget your dull hair but to soak your locks in it. The malt and the sucrose will help the scales in your hair to tighten up. So soak the locks, pour the beer all over your hair, and then let it air dry. All you have to do is do a classic shampoo and admire the new shine of your hair.

Exfoliate your scalp. To restore all its dynamism – and therefore facilitate the hydration of your hair by the sebum produced naturally by your body -, consider doing regular scrubs on your scalp. We advise you to eliminate the accumulation of dead skin on the scalp with one exfoliation per week.

Thoroughly cleanse once a week. To remove the residue from the sprays, gels, and other hairsprays you use daily, opt for a clarifying conditioner, which contains especially apple cider, like this one from Poo Free People.

When you get out of the bath or shower, gently sponge your hair with a towel. A few drops of white vinegar when rinsing. In a small container, mix white wine vinegar and lukewarm water that you will gradually pour over your hair when removing the shampoo or conditioner used.

Brush your hair. This can go without saying, but remember to brush your hair well, for a long time, to get rid of the dust, pollution, and dirt accumulated during the day. To therefore include in your evening beauty routine: a correct brushing of the hair.

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