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What’s The Difference Between Silicone Bong And Glass Bong

When it comes to smoking accessories, people are continuously experimenting to get a better hit. Are you thinking to buy bongs online? This can be a hell of a journey. There are many online head shops available that give you various choices of bongs. It is important to get the one that matches your smoking persona.

What are Silicone Bongs?

It is a compound known as a polymer. The perfect combination of hydrogen, oxygen, silicon, and carbon. Silicon is an abundant element. In addition to being readily available, it is exceptionally versatile. People use it to manufacture glass, enamel, silicone, and concrete.

A quality silicone bong is impossible to break. It is easy to bend, non-toxic, and durable. It is perfect for people who transport a lot. They are easier to clean as they have natural non-stick properties. Few benefits of having silicone bongs are:

  • Silicone is a heat-resistant material and flexible. They are capable of bending, folding, and stuffed into your bags for trips.
  • This bong does not break if it slides from your hand.
  • They are lighter which makes them comfortable for the smokers
  • Being highly flexible, it is super easy to clean and maintain
  • As there are so many head shops online, you get custom bongs that meet your expectations.

What are glass bongs?

It is a smoking device that is used to smoke dry herbs. There is a wide type of shapes for glass bongs. Some bongs have percolators to filter some with better efficiency. This is the oldest method to smoke.

Glass bongs might be exposed to extreme heat and moisture. They stand up well and will limit pressure as it does not bend, crack, or split. This bong does not change the flavors of your herb. You can reuse them and get some major filtration. Some advantages of smoking through glass bongs:

  • The best part is if you maintain it properly, they are capable of reusing it.
  • The significant benefit is that your smoke goes through a combustion process. Water filtration means the smoke is cooled and prevents chemicals from entering your throat.
  • Glass bongs provide a massive hit. This can be overwhelming with a lot of flexibility and freedom.
  • With various collections, there is always a blank canvas to bring something new, designs and patterns.

What are the differences between Glass and Silicone bongs?

1. Durability

If you have a great experience in smoking, then you might know that glass bongs easily. It might be impossible to repair it. Durability is where you want to go with silicone bongs. They can handle a great deal of pressure. You can keep them in backpacks or pockets, depending on their size and pattern.

2. Maintenance

A cleaned bong will give you a great experience by giving the right flavors of the herbs. It would help if you cleaned them regularly to avoid ingesting bacteria. Both glass and silicone bongs are easy to clean using the correct methods.
Glass bongs are entirely transparent, which means you will be able to see minimal dirt particles. While in the case of silicone they are opaque and won’t be able to see the residue. You can easily clean them with hot water, salt solution, or alcohol.

3. Sustainability

Environmental concerns have been a major factor in purchasing decisions. Glass bongs are made of sand, limestone, cullet, or soda ash. There are chances that it uses pigmenting agents like cobalt or iron oxide. This means glass can be stretched, molded, and blown into different shapes.

Silicone is a polymer made of renewable and non-renewable resources. The base ingredient is silica that is found in the sand. This is passed through hydrocarbons which come from natural gas or oil that are renewable resources. As the high capability of silicone bongs, it can last a lifetime.

4. Utility

The force and quality of the hit totally depend on the quality materials and brand. Various features are added in the bongs to change the dynamics of smoking dry herbs. When you buy bongs online, there are structural differences.

Consider the kind of use you needed to smoke herbs. You must experiment with both the bongs to know which one is perfect for you.

5. Value

The most vital factor in getting bongs is the cost. In comparison to both the bongs, Silicone is less expensive. Ordering a glass bong online will get higher costs of shipping and processing due to its fragile nature.

Silicone is highly affordable as it is unbreakable. They are unique and aesthetically pleasing. Some smokers enjoy the smoke from a glass chamber, while some get the best experience from bongs made from silicone.

What are the similarities between glass and silicone bongs?

  • Both require water to operate properly. It must be clean to give you a smoother hit of herbs.
  • They have percolators infused to give you a better hit. It ensures that your session will be easier on the throat heat-wise.
  • It would help if you had a bong bowl to store the dry herbs. You can buy them separately from online head shops if broken or need replacements.
  • There are ice catchers that make the herbs’ hits smooth and cool. It is worth investing in them for heat-sensitive people.

The Final Take!

Actually, when you buy bongs online, prefer the ones that match your expectations. It depends on how often you smoke. Even if you pay a higher amount, you might get the best experience.

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