Haircare: These 3 Beauty Products Are a Must-Have In Your Workout Bag

Exercise can put a lot of strain on our hair. We have three beauty tools that you can use to protect your hair during sweaty workouts – and which therefore belong in every sports bag.

Sweaty workouts have consequences for your hair: The wetness can lead to hair breakage and the high amount of movement can cause knots to continue. The real stress usually only starts after the workout: Trying to detangle your hair can do a lot of damage.

Three utensils already ensure that a) the exertion during the workout is kept within limits and b) you can gently get your mane under control again afterward. We introduce them to you.

Workout Must-Have # 1: An Invisibobble

With conventional hair ties, your ponytail won’t hold up to a jogging session? That can be really annoying! An Invisibobble is part of your workout equipment so that your hairstyle is nice and tight and strands don’t constantly flutter in your face. This spiral-shaped hair tie is designed to hold your hair together – without slipping or putting too much pressure on your braid. Good hold, yes – hair breakage, no! The result of this is also that no annoying kink forms in your hair. It used to give us a bad hair day after many a workout!

Workout Must-Have # 2: A Solid Shampoo

First, take a shower after exercising? Then you should also pay attention to the right shampoo. A good product is free from silicone and parabens, which seal the hair. Solid shampoos that use mild surfactants are becoming increasingly popular for this purpose and are intended to give your hair back its natural volume. Of course, with the solid wash pieces, you also avoid the risk of a shampoo explosion when you can finally train again in the gym.

Workout Must-Have # 3: A Tangle Teezer

Brushing wet hair is a real adventure. If you approach the matter too briskly, you can literally hear your hair snap like a string. And whether you shower or not, your hair is definitely wet from sweat. To gently untangle them, you will need an anti-knot brush. The best known of its kind is probably the Tangle Teezer: It relies on a system of long and short comb teeth that are supposed to gently loosen knots. At the same time, according to the manufacturer, such a comb ensures shiny hair and can prevent hair breakage. Plus: you should be able to brush your wet hair safely with it!

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