Stop Hair Loss

5 Tips To Stop Hair Loss

Excessive hair loss can leave many of us with disturbing forehead wrinkles. Not only because it is not aesthetic, but also because it can raise doubts about our current state of health. Do you know what can be done about it?

Whether you’re dealing with hair loss in children or yourself, you’re probably wondering what could be causing it. We usually consider our lifestyle to be the biggest shortcoming . However, improper care or illness can also have a big impact .

Causes of hair loss

In the human body, everything is related to everything. Even seemingly unrelated things. Finding out the real cause of hair loss can therefore be a bit difficult for many of us. But maybe you just need to get the right nutcracker.

Hair loss in women

Women are constantly under the influence of their hormones . Their changing ratio can therefore have a certain effect on hair loss. A great example is pregnancy , during which they grow beautiful thick hair , which falls out again shortly after giving birth (and thus after returning to normal). Women can face many problems during and after menopause . Women also have problems with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland more often than men .

Hair loss in men

Just like women, men are also greatly influenced by hormones . They are also more susceptible to skin diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis. Poor thyroid function cannot be ruled out, as is the case with women. Although this happens rather rarely.

5 tips against hair loss

Shampoo against hair loss

The first option that could help you is to use an anti-hair loss shampoo. Such shampoos can be bought in drugstores and pharmacies. Probably the most famous are shampoos that contain caffeine . It is said to blood the scalp, thus stimulating the growth of new hair .

It certainly doesn’t hurt to try products that focus on eliminating problematic scalp . Depending on your problem, a shampoo with sulfur, a shampoo with hemp and clove extracts, or a shampoo with clay may work for you. A healthy scalp is definitely beneficial for your hair.

Healthy lifestyle and sleep

Another factor that can affect the appearance of your hairstyle is the aforementioned lifestyle. This can also affect the overall health of our body.

Since repetition is the mother of wisdom, consider it important:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Regular movement
  • Going to the doctor for preventive examinations
  • Enough sleep

It is the penultimate point that really has a lot of weight. A doctor can assess whether you have thyroid disease or another condition that needs immediate treatment. (Like for example. Hair loss can also be caused by cancer. And it’s important to detect it as soon as possible.)

Get rid of stress

Another thing that has a negative effect on our vitality and health is the stress we are all exposed to today. The reasons for avoiding it are well known to all of us. Oxidative stress damages cells, which are more susceptible to pathological changes. From that it is just a step to a serious illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke…).

Stress also has a negative effect on our nerves and the quality of our relationships. Last but not least, it prevents the harmonious functioning of the organism . But can it be avoided somehow?

Although we will never completely get rid of stress in our lives, we can get it under control if:

  • You will take better care of yourself
  • You will learn relaxation techniques
  • You will learn to say NO (we really don’t have to do everything or try to please everyone)

Vitamins and herbs

Hair loss can also be associated with the use of vitamins and herbs . These will replenish the body’s reserves, which in times of need will have nowhere to draw from. If you decide to get vitamins from natural sources, remember that you have to pay close attention to which vitamins are water-soluble and which are fat-soluble .

And why do we say that? Mainly because excess water-soluble vitamins are flushed out of the body with urine. However, fat-soluble vitamins remain in the body longer. If you get your hands dirty with them, you can overdose on them in extreme cases.

For specific vitamins to consider, try:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • B group vitamins (B5, B7 and B9)

From herbs, focus your attention on horsetail, brewer’s yeast or nettle. You will see that you will be positively surprised.

Preparations against hair loss

If you are very busy and don’t have time to spend several hours shopping for fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts, you can start by getting quality nutritional supplements for your hair .

The ideal ones are those that contain all the vitamins and herbs from the list above and offer you something extra. For example , collagen , which gives tissues elasticity, iron, zinc or copper . Thanks to the well-thought-out composition, you don’t have to think about what you should eat or how much you should take.

What now?

As usual, the best solution to hair loss is prevention. One of the first steps is the long-term use of high-quality hair supplements . In this way, you can supply your hair with all the necessary nutrients (vitamins and herbs) that it may lack. Shampoos for hair growth are also great and an important part of your outdoor regimen. Don’t forget the lifestyle changes we mentioned in the previous paragraphs of this article. Although it looks complicated, trust that your extra effort will soon pay off with these three steps.

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