The Ubiquitous Superfood

The Ubiquitous Superfood That Helps You Prevent Cancer And Lose Weight

The Ubiquitous Superfood: One of its important qualities is that it does not lose significant properties in the different culinary preparation processes.

Only garlic is as ubiquitous in gastronomy as this vegetable, a true superfood with multiple beneficial properties for health and which can be used to improve the flavor and texture of many dishes: from those that are made by cooking to those that are fried or raw. We are talking about the onion , that ingredient that improves any potato omelet, although there are those who prefer it without.

Precisely, few qualities of the onion are lost in each of the culinary preparation processes. Therefore, although the way to fully preserve the nutrients is crude, some such as the flavonoids are also preserved in the other preparation processes . As for these compounds, both the anthocyanins and the quercetin that onions contain in significant quantities are powerful antioxidants . Quercetin also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. In vitro studies have been done and it has been shown to inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

Therefore, it is a substance with preventive properties against cancer, especially lung cancer .


The flavonoids, therefore, remain practically unchanged regardless of the way the onion is prepared.

In such a way that, if you prefer raw, it is ideal for all kinds of salads , along with other vegetables and even fruits. In this class of dishes, the varieties of sweet onion are the most used, although the most pungent ones can get rid of that strong flavor if previously, and for a few minutes, they are left to soak in water with lemon so that they do not lose their vitamins. . The use of lemon also helps not to cry when cutting it .

Boiled, braised, sautéed or fried, it can also be used to accompany meat, fish and even vegetables . In any of its forms, it preserves its slimming , decongestant, antibiotic, disinfectant and antioxidant properties intact , a true source of natural health within the reach of all households and pockets. If, in addition, you combine its intake with the elimination of the product capable of making you lose a kilo per week , you are guaranteed a stylized figure.

In addition to its properties as a superfood, the onion is a true multi-purpose product capable of replacing many household products at home.

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