The Best Hair Nutrition

The Best Hair Nutrition: Do You Know What Your Hair Needs?

In order for hair nutrition to be maximally effective, it should not only act on your curls from the outside. Since beauty comes from within, it is extremely appropriate to treat yourself to enough vitamins, minerals and other substances that will give your hair an impulse to grow from the ground up. What nutrients to focus on when trying to make progress in this area?

Hair is said to be the crown of beauty. But if that were true, we wouldn’t do much with ours. Because, let’s face it, our crown would either be dry, broken, or even completely destroyed.

The problem is that women often rely on cosmetic products that only work on the outside of the hair. This is important on the one hand, but it is only half of the work that needs to be done. If hair does not have enough nutrients to stimulate its growth from within, it cannot be expected to reach princess length anytime soon.

Proper nutrition for hair

Although it is not a very popular opinion, man is what he is. This applies not only in the field of weight reduction, where this saying is used the most. Vitamins, minerals and other substances also affect the overall health of the body.

When we lack proper nutrition, it manifests itself where we lack the least beneficial substances for the body. That is, in the hair, nails and on the skin. (Compared to the functioning of the brain or the heart, this is more of a vital vanity.) It is therefore in our own interest to ensure that our bodies have as much of everything as possible.

What must not be missing in it?

Hair nutrition should contain the widest possible spectrum of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other ingredients that support the growth of new hair and protect existing hair from premature damage that can be caused by the external polluted environment . To make it as easy as possible for you, below we will give you some useful tips on which ingredients are worth giving priority to.


Let’s start with vitamins. Although there are quite a wide variety of them, only some of them are the best for promoting hair growth.

Your hair will thank you for:

  • Vitamin A
  • Group B vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E, along with vitamin C , is considered an antioxidant. These substances are known to fight against oxidative stress, which is responsible for premature aging of cells or even their damage. As for vitamin D , the exact mechanism of its effect on hair is not fully understood. However, its deficiency can be manifested by excessive hair loss and, in extreme cases, alopecia. On the other hand, B vitamins provide cells with energy for growth. Vitamin A is important for the normal condition of the skin.


if you want to strengthen the effects of vitamins on hair, you can supplement them with long-term use of herbs. Horsetail is often recommended to promote hair growth, which should increase its strength. It should also alleviate hair loss problems. Another helper is red clover, which is used in dietary supplements for women in transition (as you probably know, hormonal activity has a significant effect on the quality of hair.) The holy grail of our grandmothers was also nettle, which can be used internally and externally. And don’t forget brewer’s yeast.

Try natural food supplements

We will not lie to ourselves. The menu of many women certainly does not look as it should. You don’t have to blame yourself for every piece of chocolate, but you have to think about making sure that your body has enough of the necessary nutrients every day.

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