CBD Oil For Pain

CBD Oil For Pain – How It Can Help

The cannabidiol contained in CBD – the hemp plant extract – is said to help with health purposes, especially with various pains. Therefore, CBD oil in particular is increasingly being used in complementary medicine in addition to classic pharmaceuticals. 

CBD oil can therefore be a good alternative to painkillers and pain-relieving ointments, especially for those who primarily turn to natural remedies. What pains can CBD oil provide beneficial relief for? What should be considered when taking it and what is the dosage? The following article goes into the details of a natural therapy with CBD oil for a wide variety of pain.


Why can CBD oil provide a soothing effect on pain?

CBD contains the phyto-cannabinoid cannabidiol, which interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system. So-called cannabinoid receptors are present in the human body, which attract the cannabidiol – similar to the way a magnet works – and transport it to the location of the pain. There the cannabidiol can develop its effect directly and relieve pain , which also relaxes the entire organism somewhat. The relaxing effect that CBD oil can have on the autonomic nervous system is also beneficial. The muscles in the back and neck can also be put into a state of relaxation by the extract of the hemp plant.

Furthermore, the human body itself also produces cannabinoids to a small extent. Often, however, these are not available to a sufficient extent, so that in the case of severe pain there is hardly any change. With CBD oil it is possible to have a positive, gentle and natural solution on the perception of pain.

Can CBD oil also help with pain of a chronic nature?

CBD oil is often used as a natural variant for acute pain. This is pain that can come on suddenly and often goes away just as quickly. This can be the case with an illness, but also with injuries or inflammatory reactions in the body. Furthermore, CBD oil can be used for chronic pain. This type of pain is usually recurring and usually results from chronic diseases. In some cases, nerve damage is the cause.

What pains can CBD oil relieve?

The spectrum of types of pain, which is caused by the onset of CBD effect through targeted application can be operated is extremely large. It can be used for headaches, migraines and body aches, but also for joint pain. Other areas of application are nerve pain, neck pain and back pain. Women also have the option of using CBD oil for menstrual pain. Does a sports injury cause pain? CBD oil can bring relief.

For all of these symptoms, CBD oil can be used for surface pain and deep pain. Since the perception of pain is different in each person, it can be assumed that the perception of a soothing effect can vary from person to person. If you are not sure whether CBD oil is a suitable solution for your individual pain sensation, can try the entry first. This makes it possible to form your own opinion about the influence of CBD oil on pain behavior.

CBD oil for pain – that’s behind the dosage form

For the production of CBD oil, both the flowers and the leaves of hemp are processed. A carrier oil is also used. CBD oil has the typical hemp taste and can be taken either pure or in combination with drinks and food. It is also worth taking a look at the concentration of CBD in the carrier oil.

One oil may have a slightly higher concentration of CBD than other CBD oils. Such a decision can be made dependent on the intensity of the pain and the personal pain perception. For beginners who have not yet had any experience with CBD oil, it may be a suitable approach to start with a low concentration of CBD and, if necessary, increase the dosage if the amount is not sufficient. In the lower concentrations, there is talk of about 5 to about 20 percent. Very strong CBD concentrations can approach the 50 percent mark.

High-quality CBD oils are also very pure, come from controlled ecological cultivation and do not contain any kind of harmful substances. In addition, the sale of CBD oil is only permitted with a low THC content of a maximum of 0.2 percent. THC is a substance that is usually intoxicating, but in such small amounts, it is not usually the case.

To what extent are there possible side effects with CBD oil for pain?

Side effects can never be completely ruled out, even with herbal remedies. However, side effects have so far only been observed in rare cases. Most of them were tired beyond normal. It is also possible for blood pressure to drop and diarrhea to join the symptoms of side effects. Even if the mouth feels quite dry inside, these can be side effects from taking CBD oil for pain.

Since everyone has a different health history , it is helpful to seek medical advice and consult a doctor before taking CBD oil for pain for the first time. As a doctor, he has the necessary expertise to be able to give a concrete assessment of the individual use of CBD oil for pain. Anyone who immediately finds that taking CBD oil is causing side effects is well advised to stop using the preparation they are currently using, to exchange it for another, or to stop consuming CBD oil. Here, too, consultation with a doctor is highly recommended.

Caution, however, is required for pregnant women and women who are still breastfeeding. The level of knowledge on possible side effects is not yet fully developed in these two areas. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should therefore definitely consult a doctor for advice.

CBD oil for pain – also suitable for animals?

In fact, CBD oil is not only relevant in human pain patterns, but can also be used when animals are in pain. Dog, cat and horse owners in particular have already had experience with CBD oil for pain relief in animals. Usually, the CBD content in CBD oil for animals is quite low at around 2 percent.


CBD oil can provide relief from pain in humans and animals. If, however, it is a matter of serious illnesses that are the cause of the pain, conventional medicine should by no means be ruled out.

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