Trendy Haircuts And Trendy Hairstyles For Men

In this new season, as it happens year after year, we will be able to see a multitude of hairstyle styles that coexist at the same time: those that come and those that have been with us for years.And it is that, to succeed with a haircut, it is best to choose one that suits your personality and your appearance and with which you can be more comfortable.In 2020 toupees inspired by the 50s and 80s will not leave us yet, as they never go out of style.

Volume will continue to be an essential condition to wear it with style, since very long toupees are worn for this season, to give the maximum possible volume.

But not everything is reduced to the toupee. We can also see that looks with a natural air will continue to take a lot.That is to say, they are haircuts designed so that you totally don’t worry about your hair and the look they represent, as it will be the ideal one for you, both for your morphology and for your general image.

If you are thinking about a change of look and need inspiration, do not miss this article that we have prepared from the Best-Epilator team in which we will tell you all about the latest haircuts that are in fashion this season.

The Trends Of Hairstyles In Men

Renewing the look is like giving a fresh air to your image. Everybody likes a change from time to time, so much so that you even look much more lively and active.

Do you want to know what haircuts are trending this season? Stay with us, we will help you find the one that best suits your personality.

The Modern Man Is Fashionable

As every year, with the arrival of a new season come new haircuts and new trends, especially from famous artists who inspire us when choosing our hairstyle.

But do not think that using hair as a resource to be fashionable is something current. The truth is that, throughout history, both modern and ancient, we have witnessed that hair is an instrument to project traits of our personality.In some tribes, the different hairstyles were a symbol of identification within a group and, believe it or not, it still is.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Style

Our personal image is very important, it is the first idea that others will have about us. But not only if we have well-groomed hair or if we are more of disheveled styles.Hair can have many more aspects of our personality, tastes, even deeper ones such as confidence and self-esteem. So,it is about choosing the style that best represents you, with which you feel most comfortable, the one that reflects 100% who you are

Trendy haircuts in 2020

Let’s see below a selection with all the styles that are in fashion this year. Don’t miss them!


Of course, the toupee is the hairstyle that we have seen the most in recent years. It seems that this style is here to stay.In fact, it is a type of hairstyle that returns with great force. The length and volume are up to you, as well as the style of the side areas. The cuts with gradient and the very marked stripes will continue to be seen.


The short fringe is another of the styles that we will continue to see until 2020, as it is the one chosen by many men and also women. There will be many styles of bangs that coexist at the same time, such as the short with the shaved sides.You can also choose to wear it slightly combed to the side. Without a doubt, bangs are a fashionable style that looks good on both straight hair and wavy or frizzy hair.

Raised Bangs

Another of the most seen hairstyles in recent years is the short haircuts, slightly raised bangs, which are left somewhat disheveled, to give a more natural touch, which does not seem too combed. The idea is to achieve a relaxed and stylish look.


Scissor cuts are classic and masculine styles, they are perfect cuts for people with low hair density who need to take care of their hair so that it does not break and continue to lose hair. As you already know, hair when cut by machine, especially if it is weak, can be damaged during the process.

Layered Wavy

If you have wavy hair, you can choose to cut it in layers. This will create an effect of increased volume and movement. However, cuts without layers give a more uniform and static look.


Afro hair is a characteristic texture of Africa. It is frizzy and voluminous hair that forms a round, round cape around the head. It is identified with the Afro-American culture of the 60s and 70s.

Classic Cut

The classic cuts have returned this season and you can not only wear them in important events, since in the day to day they will be very easy to style, since they do not require much maintenance.If for your work you must always present an impeccable appearance, with this cut you get a very elegant look that works for all areas. Just use a little wax to shape it

To The Side Or Side Fall

This cut keeps the sides very short, while the central area is dropped to one side, thus leaving the other side uncovered.


The quiff hairstyle is like a long, voluminous toupee. It is one of the most fashionable, especially among the youngest. Short hair on the sides and longer on top is required, but with a fresh and messy look.


This type of hairstyle consists of making layers of different levels in the area where there is less volume of hair, in this way a visual effect is achieved to give greater density of hair.Therefore, it is ideal for those who have little hair on the front and in the forehead area. To achieve this, you first have to grow your hair out a bit and then create a scruffy look.

Spike Or Bristly

The hair spiked up from a lifetime. You can keep it with wax and fixing gels. It is a youthful style with which you will give a rebellious touch to your style. Ideal for men with short hair, a strand is also usually left loose that gives a more carefree effect.

Messy Or Casual

It is a short to medium haircut, tousled and carefree, that is kept slightly shorter on the sides, while the top of the head is longer.You can comb it with your own fingers to get that messy effect and set it with a little wax.

Mohican Or Mohawk

It is a crest with less volume in the central part and shorter, so it does not attract as much attention as long ridges, but it does add personality. It’s easy to do, you just have to shave the sides and leave a hairline in the center.


If you have been growing your hair for a long time, it is time to try other hairstyles that until now short hair did not allow you for obvious reasons.You can choose any style, although you should not forget that long hair requires constant attention and care, a little more demanding than if you have short hair. It doesn’t matter what style you choose as long as your hair looks healthy.


Are you considering a radical look change? It is time to take the step, because this summer the shaved one takes place. Grab the razor blade and go to hell!

Take advantage of the holidays and the high temperatures to try if it convinces you, you don’t lose anything; but you will benefit from all the advantages of cutting to zero.

How To Find The Ideal Haircut?

Keep in mind that it is not only about looking for a cut that you like and that’s it. To ensure that this style goes with you, you will have to take into account other factors such as the shape of your face, your type of hair or your style when dressing.

According To Your Morphology

When it comes to changing our look, many times we just get carried away and opt for a fashionable hairstyle that we have seen famous people wear.However, later we verify that it does not fit us the same as them. This is so because we have not taken into account our type of face or hair. When you go to choose a new cut, the first thing is to study if it will look good on your face and with its elements, such as the beard.

Round Face

For round faces you have to look for a cut that hides that shape a bit. It is best to concentrate more volume in the upper part of the head to create the effect of more elongated and concealed features.

Oval Face

In these types of faces, any hairstyle will be great, although perhaps the shorter ones are the ones that can best mark the perfection of your features. However, bangs can make your face look much more oval. It is better if the forehead is clear.

Square Face

The ideal here is to try to soften your features a bit. A cut with volume in the center and shaved sides will be your perfect hairstyle. Bangs can also look great on you.

Long Face

If you want your face to not look so long, opt for bangs. You can also choose to wear your hair slightly longer around the ears.

According To Your Hair Size Or Volume

There are styles that as much as you like them, if you don’t have the type of hair you need, you won’t be able to wear them.For example, if your hair is fine and very straight, it is very likely that a wavy medium hair style will not have the effect that you have seen in some celebrities. Many men who are beginning to lose hair opt for a zero cut.

According To Your Style Of Clothing

We don’t have to say so. If you are faithful to a style of dress, it is best that your hair is consistent. It’s not mandatory, but think about it: you don’t see many surfers with a classic or slick haircut.

According To Your Needs

It is useless if you opt for a very elaborate hairstyle, the kind that requires you to spend several hours every morning in front of the mirror until you have the look ready.If you are a very busy person, this style certainly does not represent you. It is best to opt for cuts that save you time and do not require much maintenance.

What Is The Best Haircut For Men?

As you have seen throughout the article, there are several types of haircuts to be fashionable and that feel good on you. There is no one cut that is better or worse than another. That will depend on your overall style, the shape of your face, or what other facial hair you have.

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