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How To Choose Bridal Makeup: 5 Useful Tips

Bridal Makeup,makeup is what will make you feel radiant on your wedding day, and that is why it plays a very important role. A personalized service that considers your makeup habits will relax your nerves. The style and shades you choose are essential to enhance your freshness and naturalness. These tips will help you achieve a makeup that accompanies you all day with a perfect and flawless finish .

1. Time Of The Wedding

The first factor to evaluate is the time of your wedding. The makeup will be different if the wedding is day or night . Daytime weddings require soft and fresh bridal makeup , especially because of the sunlight that influences their appearance and shows all the details, even those that you want to hide. Light matte foundations and natural and subtle tones that highlight your features are excellent. On the contrary, if the wedding is at night, with more defined lines, the intensity can be raised, darker or brighter makeup on the eyes that achieve an aesthetic balance with lighter tones on the lips, always taking care of discretion.

2. Open Or Closed Space

If your wedding is held outdoors or indoors, natural or artificial light will also affect your makeup. The tones and textures will be different. When natural light accompanies you, warm colors are ideal. With artificial light, there will be more makeup because this type of light tends to absorb color or alter the appearance. The matte powders help reflect light. Look for strong, long-lasting, good quality products that don’t require a lot of touch-ups. Mainly waterproof!

3. According To Skin Tone

The style you choose for your makeup will depend on your hair color and skin tone. The proposals are different. For fair skin, soft pinks are recommended for lips and pastel colors for shadows . For brunettes, bright colors for the lips and shadows in green or blue tones . The new trend brings reds, burgundy and fuchsia, especially beautiful for dark skin. It is important that one day before the wedding you can prepare your skin with cleansing and moisturizing creams.

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4. Makeup Test

To look perfect and natural, as a reflection of yourself and not with an artificial appearance, the makeup test gives you the opportunity to know if you will like the result . Or, you’ll want to change your makeup artist! If the professional does not know you before, it is essential that you raise your doubts and mention what are the virtues you want to highlight or the defects to hide . An informal talk about your makeup habits, tones and colors, skin types, possible allergies, all will be valuable information when looking for your particular style. It is advisable to carry out a full test and, even better, if it coincides with the hairstyle test . This way you will be able to see the complete look and impeccable makeup that enhances all the naturalness of your face.

5. According To The Style Of The Bride

It is important that you keep your style or achieve an appropriate combination that you like to erase all traces of insecurity . Your makeup habits are the basis from which your makeup artist should start. If you are used to dark tones, the soft undertones will probably make you perceive as if you were washing your face. On the contrary, if you hardly wear bridal makeup, then you don’t want to look overdone. Don’t be obsessed with a protocol that doesn’t suit your personality. The important thing for you to enjoy your day is to feel comfortable and authentic , and above all, to be yourself.

The hands of a professional will ensure an optimal result. On the other hand, the makeup test makes you feel comfortable with the result and does not stop advising you on the resistance and durability of the bridal makeup. Find a balance that makes you feel radiant .Wonderful!

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