hair loss or alopecia.

How To Fight Against Hair Loss Or Alopecia

Over time, many men can be affected by heavy hair loss or alopecia. It is normal for us to lose hair every day, since it is part of its growth course.

However, sometimes it falls excessively as a consequence of multiple factors, such as genetic, hormonal, diseases or the use of some medications.Although it can also occur in women, it is more common in men, due to genetic causes and in elderly individuals.

If you are going through this problem, you have two ways out: let the baldness run its course without treating it or trying to hide it, or adopting new habits and applying treatments to try to stop or delay the process. In this article you will find all the methods available today to treat hair loss.

What is Alopecia Or Hair Loss?

Alopecia is the abnormal loss of hair density, it is considered a synonym for baldness. It is a very common problem that can affect both men and women, although it is more common in the former.It is not an exclusively aesthetic pathology, since it can have many causes. In addition to the scalp, it can affect other areas of the skin where there is hair.

The most common alopecia is androgenic alopecia, also called common baldness, which is caused by the action of male hormones or androgens on the hair follicle.

However, there are also many varieties of alopecia that can be due to genetic causes, a poor diet, the use of medications, trauma or certain skin diseases.

At What Age Does It Pass?

Androgenic alopecia or vulgar baldness can appear at 20 or 30 years of age, or even earlier. There is no exact age of onset, since genetic predisposition will influence, above all, the development of the entrances.

What Are The First Symptoms?

An excessive increase in hair loss is usually noticed. Although, we must bear in mind that hair is renewed daily and, under normal conditions, about 100 hairs fall per day; however, in alopecia the loss is greater. At first, it usually appears at the entrances or on the crown. Other symptoms may be itching or burning of the scalp.

When Does Baldness Start?

Although it usually begins to fall earlier, in individuals who are approaching 50 years of age, baldness is complete and irreversible and there is no possible treatment.The sebaceous gland cannot be modified, so sebum production does not increase.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can have different causes and we can group them into genetic reasons or bad lifestyle habits:

Genetic Motives

Seasonal Hair Loss

As you can see, hair growth varies according to the seasons. In autumn and winter is when we can experience greater hair loss.On the contrary, in summer it tends to grow more easily.

Genetic Predisposition

In androgenic alopecia this is usually the main cause. It is a hereditary disorder that usually appears gradually as the individual ages.In men, the hairline of the forehead recedes, while in women there is a reduction in the density of the hair and its thickness.

Hormones Changes

Hormones disorders can also be behind hair loss. For example, if testosterone is not at adequate levels, it is transformed into a derived hormone and hair loss begins.In women, the sudden drop in estrogen production during pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and thyroid problems can cause hair loss.

Bad Habits


It is very common in many people to notice a reduction in the density of the hair, or that it becomes thinner and brittle, during or after going through times of great stress or suffering a strong emotional shock. This type of hair loss is temporary.


A poor diet can also be behind the sudden loss of hair density. It is recommended to avoid the consumption of processed foods, and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits daily.Nor should we forget the proteins, from different sources and whole grains.

Not Recommended Shampoos

Many poor quality shampoos or the excessive use of hair styling products can cause us to lose hair, due to the amount of chemical ingredients they contain.On the other hand, some treatments to modify the natural pattern of the hair are too abrasive and can cause hair loss.

Alopecia Remedies

Changes In The Day To Day After The First Symptoms

To promote strong hair growth and maintain good hair health, it is necessary to have healthy lifestyle habits. Avoid tobacco and alcohol, try to sleep at least 7 or 8 hours a day, avoid excessive sun exposure.

Change shampoo

Try to pamper your hair and use quality products with natural ingredients that, in addition to achieving complete hygiene of the scalp, provide it with nutrients and hydration necessary to contribute to its healthy growth.

Eat Better

We are what we eat; Therefore, to improve any condition, the first thing to do is start eating well.

In the case of alopecia, it is recommended to consume foods that are rich in vitamin A, which favors the oxygenation of the follicle cells and is responsible for preventing the sebaceous glands from drying out.

It is also recommended to ingest vitamin B6 and B12 if we want to keep our hair in perfect condition. Add eggs to your diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, milk, and olive oil.It is recommended to eat the recommended amounts of fish, beef, liver, chicken, legumes, and nuts.On the other hand, another good natural anti-hair loss treatment is vitamin C that you can find in kiwi, citrus fruits, spinach and broccoli.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is known for its benefits for hair growth and for treating alopecia. It is rich in fatty acids and nutrients. Its high content in omega 9 stimulates blood circulation and promotes strong and healthy growth. In addition, it provides unique properties to the scalp to nourish the hair follicles.

Cosmetic Treatments

Food Supplements Or Vitamins

In addition to following a balanced diet, using supplements or vitamins in a timely manner can be beneficial to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

A good example is biotin, since its deficiency is one of the causes of Other supplements widely used for this purpose are compounds of B vitamins that help hair have more body and volume, as well as a better appearance.

Growth Stimulants (Direct Application)

We can also find treatments for direct application to the hair. These are usually lotions or ampoules that are applied several times a week to repair and strengthen the hair fiber. There are also sets of hair loss shampoo and conditioner and hair strengthening foams.

Miracle Drugs

These treatments usually come in daily doses and are applied to the scalp, although you can also find capsules or pills to ingest. To see any results, it is necessary to be constant and not stop the treatment until the desired effect is obtained.


Minoxidil is a vasodilator that is used to try to stop baldness by stimulating the hair follicle. It is recommended to use it when the inputs are not very pronounced yet, otherwise it will have no effect. Its operation is based on trying to prevent the entries from continuing to advance, but it cannot recover the hair that has already been lost.


Finasteride is an antiandrogenic drug. Like the previous one, it cannot make new hair appear, but it can stop it falling out, in addition to making the hair stronger. It is more aggressive than the previous one because it is a hormonal drug. It cannot be used by women.

Hair Grafts

The capillary micrograft consists of transplanting follicles from other areas of the body, such as the nape, beard or chest. It is a surgery that is carried out by a specialist and its price can be high. In addition, it is necessary to go to a clinic that ensures proper monitoring of medical treatment.

And If Not Then You Can Face It!

To date, there is no 100% effective medical treatment to prevent alopecia. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out an early diagnosis and treatment once we begin to notice excessive hair loss to stop it.

We know that when many men start to lose hair they feel bad, since physical appearance is one of the aspects that we give the most importance to today.But what if you stop trying to fight alopecia and accept it as a part of you? You can try new styles, like shaving to scratch.

It is a look that many men with alopecia have already chosen and that favors the majority, they even see their attractiveness increased. Without a doubt, it is the cheapest and safest method.

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