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At What Time Should I Drink Coffee To Notice Its Benefits?

The properties of caffeine may not be used in the same way at any time of the day

Coffee is a drink that very few resist, either because of its taste, its stimulating power or both virtues. For many people, it is almost essential in their daily routines . But the properties of caffeine, the alkaloid behind its secret, are not used in the same way at any time of day.

When consuming coffee, it is necessary to remember that we are dealing with a substance that acts like a psychoactive drug, stimulating the nervous system . It usually raises our alertness levels, thereby reducing sleepiness and making us feel more awake. In addition, it charges our batteries for work and day-to-day tasks. For this reason, many avoid taking it before bedtime and choose it when they wake up. But are we doing the right thing if we follow this guideline?

Although each person can be affected in a different way, it seems logical to avoid drinking coffee before bed, but it is not so clear that the best option to take advantage of its benefits is to drink it right after waking up .

We  recommend in a blog on its website, the ideal would be to drink it two or three hours after wake up . In addition, depending on the schedules of each one, the body can generate new cortisol peaks throughout the day that help us stay active. But, without the urgencies of the morning breakfast, we will be able to detect them better to conveniently choose other times of the day in which to enjoy a new cup

In any case, to know the effects of coffee on each person -and how it is consumed: with sugar, milk, etc.- you can always consult a specialist doctor .

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