Canary Seed Milk

Canary Seed Milk

Canary Seed Milk: It is not about the birdseed that we usually see our little birds eat. Many ask me, and it is special birdseed for human consumption bought in herbal stores. If you compare it, you can see a big difference. This is what we will use to make 

The milk birdseed, increasingly, is becoming   more popular thanks to its benefits to the body as vegetable milk. It can change the way you live with just a couple of glasses a day, and it will make your body know all its benefits. Do you want to know them?

Canary Seed Milk – Rich In Protein

Just six tablespoons are equivalent to the protein in 6 kilos of meat! A complete source of the most potent vegetable proteins, which helps to recover from training, to take enough daily protein, and to put aside the toxins inherent in meats.

Canary Seed Milk – Natural Fat Burner

Thanks to lipase enzymes, which are experts in eating the fat from the arteries and veins, we will be able to eliminate fat naturally, in addition to the visceral fat that surrounds the organs and thus, recovering its natural function.

Canary Seed Milk – Diuretic

We can eliminate excess fluids if we suffer from fluid retention, although it is powerful. So it is better that you do not leave the house much or have a bathroom nearby and increase the salt a little in your meals if you see dizziness due to the continuous elimination of liquids.

Canary Seed Milk – Against Diabetes

The milk of this seed has already been mentioned more than once as a solution to control blood sugar because it can lower glucose levels very effectively.

Canary Seed Milk, How Is It Made?

To make it, you only need mineral water, birdseed seeds, and a good blender that will release all its properties, and as a result, there is a liquid similar to milk.

Canary Seed Milk, How To Drink It?

It is straightforward. To take advantage of all its properties, it is best to have a glass of birdseed milk in the morning on an empty stomach and another drink at night before going to bed. Of course, without adding anything else. In just one week, you will be able to notice the results.

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