Fair hairstyles

Fair Hairstyles That Also Serve To Go Out

Ideas of flamenco hairstyles that can accompany you in other types of situations giving them a twist with new styles or accessories

Although this year the April Fair 2021 we carry it more in our hearts than in the celebrations, we can have fun at home with our loved ones imagining and remembering those moments. And we can also meet some friends in terraces and bars. In all cases, we must bear in mind that we are still in the midst of a pandemic and that the rules and restrictions must be respected so as not to further complicate the situation.

From The Fair To The Street

That is, if we wear a collection, the line can help us to change it. Choose if you prefer it to be in the center, to one side or if you don’t want it to be there. You can also center the updo or put it aside to get some asymmetry. You can comb your skull in a polished way (even get to a wet effect ) or leave the sides more relaxed and even with some strategic locks loose. You can also play with the volume in the back and also in the hair that is loose ( straight or wavy ).

Accessories such as scarves, bows, and hairpins (or combs) can also offer an extra to your fair hairstyle that becomes one to go out.

Inspirational Hairstyles At The Fair

We review these ideas along with the hairstyles of some of the reference stylists in Seville. These are the types of hairstyles that, inspired by the fair or created to wear with a flamenco dress, you can take to the street in any situation: wedding, party, dinner, work… A matter of taste and style!

Braids in all its versions and possibilities. From the simple and classic three-strand to the most modern adaptations that include different types in a single braid.

  • Pigtails. They can be high, medium, or low. With a straight or wavy hair finish, even the well-known bubble ponytail.
  • Relaxed and very natural low updos.
  • Classic basses collected (more rounded like coca) or in the shape of a braid.
  • Collected at a medium height or even ballerina-type heights.
  • Bohemian semi-updos with wavy hair.
  • Braids, pigtails, or collected to one side.
  • High up, dancer type.

What you can do, as we mentioned, is give your usual fairground hairstyle a twist. IF you do a low braided updo, why not upload it as you can see in the image? If you have a simple and clean low ponytail, why not play with bows to make it a little more special?

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