Body Warning

Body’s Warning Signals

The human body clearly shows what about health, well-being, and happiness in life. That is why it is all the more important to listen to the inner voice of the body and to take warning signals seriously. We present typical warning signals of the body here.

First Signs That Something Is Wrong

Many people have already made the acquaintance of those small, initially unspectacular signals from the body that wants to warn us.

There are, for example, persistent stomach pains that have occurred every morning since being promoted to head of department, or frequent headache attacks that noticeably impair concentration and well-being. Many a skin rash, persistent cough, or back pain also want to show that something is wrong.

Warning Signs Of a Disturbed Balance

Fortunately turns when visiting a doctor often out is that no serious disease behind the symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, stomach pinching, or constant colds hides.

Rather, these complaints are often an expression of the fact that the body, mind, and soul are not in balance. In other words: that persistent stress, emotional strain, constant excessive demands, or a lack of relaxation phases overshadow well-being.

Stress Affects Health

It is now known that there is a connection between stress and health. While most people can cope well with a certain amount of hectic and everyday chaos, persistent or severe emotional stress can make you downright sick.

The constant quarrel with neighbors can have just as much impact on your health as the separation from your partner or the feeling that you are no longer up to the demands of everyday life.

Stressed And Permanently ill

Excessive physical or emotional stress can also be shown to weaken the immune system and then lead to frequent respiratory infections. While adults are usually plagued by a cold about twice a year, many stressed contemporaries feel like they are no longer really fit in winter.

When one cold chases the next, it’s time to see a doctor and certainly also to – finally – take the body’s signals seriously. Many sufferers cannot avoid changing a few lifestyle habits so that the body’s defenses function properly again.

The Skin As A Mirror Of The Soul

It is also entirely possible that the skin is drawing attention to stress or distress. Phrases like “this get under my skin” or “I could get out of my skin” indicate how closely the skin and the soul are connected. It is not uncommon for psychological stress to be the cause of skin blemishes.

There are also connections between some skin diseases and mental equilibrium. A typical example is neurodermatitis, which can be exacerbated by emotional stress. Eczema and itching can increase as the soul suffers.

Skin Diseases Are Psychologically Stressful

The reverse also applies: Pronounced, visible and painful skin diseases can have a severe impact on the psyche. For this reason, many skin diseases are now treated holistically.

Corresponding treatment concepts are based, among other things, on the fact that not only the sick skin needs medication, but the ailing soul also needs help.

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