Technology As A Guide For The Training & Fitness Of The Future

According to an American survey, 2021 will be characterized by the boom in hi-tech wearable devices, useful for setting up training, monitoring and recording personal progress, and increasing motivation.

Function training, CrossFit, spinning, running, swimming: the list of sports practiced all over the world by millions of movement enthusiasts is truly timeless and constantly updated. Each era sees the birth of new activities, the decline of others, the re-emergence of old and new trends

According to the results of the tenth edition of the annual survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine – one of the highest authorities in the world in the field of sport and, more generally, health – which involved 2,800 professionals in the sector residing in the USA, the first place in the top ten of what will depopulate in 2021 in the fitness field, is undoubtedly occupied by guided workouts with wearable technological devices like exercise monitoring tools, smart watches, GPS, etc that they have by now achieved truly incredible levels of accuracy, and count an infinite amount of functions, applications and tabs just a click away.

“Those who practice fitness love these technological tools because they are an aid not only to measure the intensity of effort during training but also provide a motivational boost, supporting the athletes between one session and another, partially approaching the figure of the personal trainer, ”explains study lead author associate professor at the College of Education & Human Development at Georgia State University in Atlanta. “Many compile a list of good resolutions for the new year – continues Thompson – at the head of which often stands the desire to lose weight and get back in shape. If these devices can help to persevere in training, and therefore to reach one’s goals, their diffusion is to be considered positive and will bring benefits with it “.  For Technology Write For Us you can reach out to us.

Following in the top ten, then appear the body weight training, the free body training that exploits the natural weight of the body and the force of gravity, the high-intensity interval training (High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT) which provides the ” alternation between short periods of intense exercise, and periods of active recovery through less intense aerobic activity consecutively, on the same exercise (perfect for those who want to improve cardiovascular capacity and lose fat mass), and strength training (the one with weights), preferably with the support of a personal trainer.

On the other hand, the popularity and diffusion of boot camps and training protocols dedicated to children’s weight loss are decreasing.

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