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The Best Exercises To Burn Fat In And Out of The Gym

Your muscles are the best burn fat out there. The more toned your muscles are, the more calories you will consume, even when you are at rest. In addition, if what you want is to reduce centimeters of the belly, waist, ass, and legs it is very important that you eliminate the accumulated fat. To achieve this, there is nothing like a  healthy and ultra-processed diet, but you can always go a step further by practicing cardiovascular sports. Here are the best for burning fat both in and out of the gym.

Fat Burning Exercises: Running

It is an excellent exercise to lose fat. In addition, running strengthens the muscles and joints of the legs, helps reduce tiredness and stress, and the energy shot it gives cannot be compared to any other because by improving yourself day by day you will also improve your self-esteem.

burn fat running

Where Is It Best To Practice It?

On asphalt the stability is greater, although it can be harmful in the long run to the knees, hips and spine due to the lack of cushioning. However, running on sand increases the risk of twisting due to the instability of the terrain. The most appropriate surface is compact earth, firm ground, halfway between the previous two.

Exercises To Burn Fat: Swimming

In the water you can burn fat in a comfortable and safe way. It is a quick exercise to learn although it requires some technique to get the most out of it. Swimming is one of the most complete exercises thanks to the participation of all the muscles. If you do not find it too enjoyable, try doing it with submersible headphones to listen to your favorite music. Then,  take good care of your hair  with a specific shampoo to remove the chlorine.

burn fat with swimming

What Are The Benefits Of Swimming?

Within the water there is no impact on the body. Therefore, the massage effect of water releases tension in muscles, joints and ligaments. In addition to helping you lose weight, it prevents aging and is very relaxing. In fact, if you look the toilets almost always recommend it to recover from any injury.

Exercises To Burn Fat: Bicycle

burn fat bicycle

The physical results of cycling a couple of days a week are always undeniable. It involves a continuous movement of the legs that prevents and reduces cellulite, improves the cardiovascular system and physical condition. Fat people lose weight and thin people define and tighten their muscles.

Also With Exercise Bike

Don’t you have a bike or a place to store it if you got one? Buy yourself a static that is foldable so that you can dock it in any corner of your house and if you are lazy to put it on, put it in front of the TV or the computer or take your tablet or a book to be entertained while you give the pedals and thus the time will pass you much earlier.

Trick. Start pedaling at a slow pace and gradually increase speed until you have completed half an hour.

Exercises To Burn Fat: Elliptical

Getting on this elliptical trainer can change your body. Do 40 minutes 2-3 times a week. Choose a resistance with which you notice the effort but that you are able to maintain throughout the session (you can gradually increase it). Take care to place your knees in line with the toe and push with both legs. Ideally, don’t lift your heels during the session. It is more, that you press against the machine. You will notice how  your ass hardens .

burn fat with Elliptical

Benefits Of The Elliptical

One of the great advantages of the elliptical compared to the treadmill or running on the street is that here the impact that supports the joints is reduced to 0 so you will avoid many injuries. But yes, you have to do the exercise properly so that it does not end up being harmful.

Exercises To Burn Fat: Rowing

The paddle will make your pulsations rise at a constant rate, very important to  burn fat, and is easy to perform. Take advantage of it and you will see that in a short time you will lose weight, burning fat and toning the upper body.

burn fat Rowing

Trick.  Combining the routine on the elliptical with the paddle will make you train the lower and upper train easily and safely. You will burn fat, lose weight and have your body toned.

Exercises To Burn Fat: Spinning

The benefits of either of these two exercises (which are basically the same: pedaling to the rhythm of music guided by a monitor) are rapid weight loss, strong glutes and legs, stimulation of blood circulation (helps to prevent and eliminate varicose veins ) and remarkable reduction of cellulite.

burn fat with spinning

Advice. When doing this exercise the two most important aspects are learning the bike settings and a correct pedaling technique. Ask your monitor for advice.

Exercises To Burn Fat: Boxing

It’s fun and an excellent choice for a toned, athletic body. In addition, you will increase your reflexes and improve cardiovascular endurance. You will burn fat quickly and you will see how cellulite disappears with a punch. Kick boxing and Body Combat or Body Attack are fantastic options. In addition, these disciplines work intensively on the abdominal muscles, making them perfect for  reducing abdominal fat.

burn fat with boxing

Added benefits . Boxing is toning, yes, but it is also an excellent remedy to relieve stress and leave each session as new. And rest assured that it is not mandatory to ‘fight’ against another person. If you don’t want to, you won’t take a single hit.

Exercises To Burn Fat: Indoor Climbing

burn fat with climb

For the most adventurous! Requires special footwear and equipment. And, of course, the supervision of a specialist to avoid injuries. There are very enjoyable courses for those who want to start. In addition to being able to burn fat, it is a great exercise in self-improvement.

Two Homemade Exercises To Burn Fat

  • Row with rubber. Put your feet on the rubber with your legs slightly bent. Tighten your abdominal muscles inward, pulling the rubber back. Bend your elbows, bring them behind the trunk and return to the starting position.
  • Lateral strides. Standing with your legs apart, stride to the side. The leg you are moving should be flexed and the other stretched. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Do it again with the other leg.

How To Burn Fat With Daily Activities

  • Move on. Increasing physical activity doesn’t just mean playing a sport or joining a gym. Simply going up and down two floors of stairs a day instead of using the elevator can mean an extra loss of about 3 kilos a year.

Get off public transport one or two stops early or park your car a little further… This makes you have to walk, an easy exercise and within everyone’s reach. Walking an hour at a fast pace for 5 days a week can represent a loss of up to 10 kilos after a year.

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