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How To Start A Career In Jewellery Designing?

Jewellery is a lot more than simple adornments. It is often a symbol of familial traditions, cultures, and ancestral property. Many people also like to flaunt their exquisite personality through their choice of jewellery.

Does jewellery mean a little more than a mere embellishment? Have you always felt that you had the artistic flair for creating and crafting pieces of jewellery? If yes, the jewellery designing field is the right choice for you. We bet you have wondered about what landing a job in the jewellery design sector demands. Keep reading to find out.

Eligibility Criteria For Jewellery Designing Career Opportunities

The basic necessity for any student to be eligible for a jewellery designing course is to pass class 12 in any stream under a recognised board of education. Post-completion, students are free to choose between the variety of diploma and certification programmes provided by different institutes.

Most people choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in design. If you have secured a bachelor’s degree in a stream that is not design-related, you can always go for a post-graduation or diploma in the design field. You should obtain a valid score in the aptitude tests before you can secure admission to those courses.

Moreover, students can better their chances of employability by appearing for well-recognised jewellery design entrances exams, held as follows:
● Pearl Academy Entrance Exam
● National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Entrance Exam
● All India Entrance Examination for Design (AIEED)
● Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED)

Skills And Qualities Required Of A Jewellery Designer

Still wondering if you are a right fit for this career? Check out the required attributes of a jewellery designer below:

● Creativity
● Attention to detail
● Passion for the profession
● Precision and accuracy of design
● Fair understanding and awareness of market trends
● A decent, working knowledge of the jewellery manufacturing industry
● Having marketing capabilities which are useful in selling the final product to the industry
● Ability to craft technically sound designs and work with various precious metals and gems
● A knowledge of CAD (Computer-aided designing) which proves highly useful for jewellery designs
● Networking skills that quickly establish your position and reputation as an adept jewellery designer

Do not fret if you do not already possess some of the qualities mentioned above. You can learn everything while you get trained for it. All you need is the zeal to learn, and you will excel in no time!

Work Opportunities

Given the dynamic and ever-expanding opportunities available today, a student can begin polishing his/her skills in various ways. An internship will give you much-needed exposure to the industry and the field of work. Besides, you can also start working as a freelancer to get hands-on experience in jewellery design.

Moreover, you can also try your hand at manufacturing in establishments committed to producing unique designs in a limited quantity. You can also experiment with designing sketches for a designer or a firm based on mass production of jewellery.

A career in jewellery design might be the perfect choice for those who wish to utilise their artistic skills in crafting unique pieces of jewellery. However, succeeding in the same is quite difficult without professional guidance.

Thus, it is recommended to seek guidance from experts through jewellery design courses at Pearl Academy where students can not only learn designing jewellery, but also accessories like footwear, scarves, luggage, and much more!

Lucrative career opportunities await those who put their heart and soul into being trained for excellence. What are you waiting for? Following your dreams is a choice away!

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