Intimate Hygiene What Is Possible And What Is Not

Intimate Hygiene: What Is Possible And What Is Not

Hygiene: Comfort and harmony in the intimate area is directly related to women’s health. But girls do not always know what is good and what is bad for this delicate area. We are bringing clarity now! By the way, do not forget to watch the video and take the test at the end of the article for a chance to win gifts.

Start with a healthy diet – eat steamed vegetables, baked fruits, non-acidic juices, light soups, dairy products, whole grains, almonds, lean meat and fish, rusks and bran. This will support the health of the microflora in the intimate area. Other basic rules include: the use of barrier methods of contraception, in particular, when changing a sexual partner; regular examination by a gynecologist, as well as examination of your man. What else can you do?

Choose your underwear consciously – it should be cotton or with a cotton gusset. Minimize wearing a thong, especially in a swimsuit.

Give up panty liners, especially when playing sports. And if this has become a habit, rebuild gradually – buy sterile gauze wipes at the pharmacy and use them instead of pads for the first three months, gradually reducing the use.

Avoid tampons. Use cotton (non-gel) hygiene products during your period.

If possible, wash yourself on the bidet after each trip to the toilet. Just warm water is enough, no cleaning agents. The flushing takes place according to the well-known “front to back” rule. It will be helpful to have a separate small towel for intimate hygiene.

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