These Are The Nail Trends That Are Going To Sweep In Spring 2021

These Are The Nail Trends That Are Going To Sweep In Spring 2021

Although until a few years ago the nails went completely unnoticed, right now wearing a beautiful and fashionable manicure is as important as the haircut or the color with which we dye. The classic reds and garnets are joined by a new range of colors this spring 2021, but also designs and techniques and we have compiled them all so that you can be in the latest fashion in the coming months. And, be careful, there is something for all tastes, from the most discreet to the most daring, with geometric shapes and even fruit. Take advantage of the good time to innovate with your manicure because these nails are a trend!

Nails CheckerBoard»

The worldwide success of the Netflix series “Lady’s Gambit” is mainly responsible for one of the trends that we have been seeing on our nails for months: checkerboard prints. «It works very well with both short and long nails, a manicure with a design that, depending on the tones used to combine it, can be perfect in any other season.

To keep it longer, the nails should be cleaned and dried well before starting, use base in the polish routine – since it makes the color adhere more and protects the nail from the pigments of the lacquer – and finally, a topcoat that helps give it a more shiny or matte finish ”, says Monique Aguilar, Orly manicurist.

The Fruit Motifs

If you are passionate about the world of manicures, surely you know Betina Goldstein, the manicurist of the famous Hollywood and in whose hands Rosalía has been lately. Of course, forget about extravagant designs because all you will see on his Instagram account are very original designs and at the same time very elegant.

Daisy’s Nails

The margaritas have become the star pattern and also reach nails. We have seen them in the collections of firms like Vivetta and now they also reach nail art. And it is impossible not to fall in love with them.

Japanese Manicure

Have you heard of this technique? Jennifer Silverio, from Orly, clarifies that the Japanese manicure is a very old technique whose fundamental principle is to achieve hydrated and nourished nails but with a spectacular natural appearance, based on its care thanks to natural products to achieve a healthy appearance: «This Manicures, based on the repair and care of the nails, are recommended for any time of the year, but especially in spring which is when they tend to break the most, emphasizing the times when the nails are most fragile. If you need to always wear them enameled, don’t worry as at the end you will notice that they acquire a natural pink tone and a very special shine ».

The Nails “Skittle”

Nails painted in a different color each will remain in fashion, both in the chromatic range of nude and pastel tones, also neutral colors, mint green, yellow in all its variants, and also khaki, lilac, and peach. «The main novelty, as can be seen, is the relevance in almost all the collections of soft and sober colors but at the same time cheerful without being strident, closely linked to the land and the sea, which could be the axes in which they inspire 

The Colorful French Manicure

If there is one type of technique and color that will never go out of style, it is the French manicure. But the big bet for this 2021 is the French manicure with color on the tips, not the classic white that we all know, but neon tones, fluorine yellows, lime green, prints, oranges, or reds of great strength, fun, and very striking

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