Harmonious Woman 45+ 5 Simple Rules For Health And Beauty

Harmonious Woman 45+: 5 Simple Rules For Health And Beauty

What is she like as a modern woman 45+? She is energetic, beautiful and young. She feels her body, cares about her health, is aware of menopause, and easily copes with the menopausal symptoms that may appear at this age. Cosmo understands why you should not be afraid of this and what should be done to live an active and harmonious life during menopause.

1. Pay Attention To How You Feel

Yes, yes, it is this simple and relevant rule at any age that comes first on our list, because after 45 years, things that seem normal at first glance, such as mood swings or worsened sleep, are not always associated with troubles at work, but can be symptoms menopause.

Why do they appear at all? The onset of symptoms of menopause is associated with serious hormonal changes in the female body, which occurs when the ovarian function stops and estrogen levels decrease. It can lead to a change in the nature and regularity of the menstrual cycle, but is not limited to this.

What other signals of the body should be paid attention to, in addition to the above and well-known “hot flashes”?

  • Sweating
  • Pressure surges
  • General fatigue
  • Decreased concentration
  • Dryness in the intimate area
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Decreased libido and discomfort during intercourse
  • Dry skin and hair

Often women associate these manifestations with social life and expect them to pass by themselves. And this is where you need to be armed with knowledge, because such climacteric manifestations can be not just unpleasant sensations and lead to more serious consequences. For example, the incidence of cardiovascular and other diseases may increase with age. Therefore, we move on to the next point.

While serious medical conditions should always be considered as a top priority, we should also look at personal hygiene and the overall sense of looking and feeling good. For example, small things like excessive sweating can result in our body giving a foul odor that might or might not present us in a bad light. Make sure that you use a deodorant choice to help you feel and smell good at all times. You should be using a deodorant when you are leaving the gym, or after any strenuous physical exercises.

2. Visit Your Doctor At Least Once A Year

Even if you do not have any disturbing symptoms, you must undergo a preventive examination by a gynecologist at least once a year. If you go to the doctor with a complaint, forget about embarrassment and awkwardness: be sure that during his practice the specialist has come across and dealt with so many cases that he is ready to hear even the most intimate, in your opinion, details. Thanks to them, the doctor will be able to see a complete picture of your condition.

There is a special examination plan for women after 45, which, in addition to a gynecological examination, includes a survey, collection of a personal and family history, an assessment of blood pressure and body mass index, a study of general clinical and biochemical blood parameters, mammography, ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and others. research.

Based on the results of the examination, the specialist can prescribe the necessary treatment – in each case, individual. There are various drugs that can help manage the symptoms of menopause, both pills and topical treatments. For example, “Ovestin” is a topical preparation in the form of suppositories and cream, which compensates for estrogen deficiency. It helps to normalize the microflora and pH of the vagina, restore its mucous membrane and normalize urination.

3. Lead An Active Lifestyle

Movement is the key to good mood and well-being. Introduce into your life that activity that brings pleasure: dancing, swimming, walking – whatever your heart desires. The main thing is to be on the move for at least 1 hour a day and warm up at least once an hour if you have a sedentary job. By the way, sex at this age has not been canceled either, it can be even more sensual and vivid than before. So arm yourself with a lubricant, follow the advice from the article and continue to have an active sex life.

4. Watch Your Diet

With the onset of menopause, it is often necessary to work harder to lose weight, for example, during a vacation. This is fine! These are the consequences of restructuring the body. Consider this when planning your diet. Here are some rules to help you with this:

  • Control serving size: try to eat as much food as fits in a 250 ml glass.
  • Increase the amount of vegetables and herbs in your plate: choose vegetables of different colors and consistencies (fresh, steamed, chopped) and add to each meal.
  • Use natural oils, herbs and seeds instead of store-bought sauces: they are rich in vitamins and help make dishes tastier and healthier.
  • Choose fresh and light foods over fast food: cereals, low-fat dairy products, fish, white meat, nuts. Fortunately, it is now easy to find many recipes for every taste. By the way, have you tried quinoa yet? Recommended!

5. Just Make Yourself Happy

How often do you do what you love and what makes you smile? Buy a bouquet of fragrant flowers, bake your own specialty cookies, go to the spa, or just re-read your favorite book for the hundredth time. Each of us has our own list of little joys. And we recommend – no, we even insist! – open your list at least once a week and allocate time for your beloved yourself. No excuses are accepted!

We want every woman at any age to be happy and healthy. Watch the program filmed as part of the School of Women’s Health and learn more about the body of a woman aged 45+.

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