Ten Myths About Breastfeeding That We Must Eradicate

A newborn baby and during the first six months of life will feed both to grow and to be immunized. In this way, breastfeeding is the best option for the baby to develop, since it will help him during the process to improve his immune system by strengthening his defenses . In addition, this moment strengthens the emotional bond that is created between the mother and the child . The benefits are innumerable, however there are a large number of myths that generate objection in many women who want to breastfeed their children. Discover the false established beliefs and free yourself from external pressure.

Milk Deficiency

It is one of the myths that occur most frequently during breastfeeding. The breast produces the amount of milk depending on what the baby demands . For this, the number of feeds must be adequate and the baby’s position correct to suck. If not done properly it can instill this belief in the mother worrying about her baby’s lack of feeding. It is recommended to start breastfeeding on demand, at the time the baby calls for it, until she gets used to it and stabilizes.

Drink More Water, More Milk And Eat More While Breastfeeding

This popular belief is false. The diet that should be followed must be balanced, varied and healthy . The liquid should be ingested according to thirst, although for health reasons 2 liters of water per day are recommended. Milk production is not interfered with by any of these factors, so they do not affect breastfeeding.

Whether You Eat Gas-Producing Foods Or Drinks, You Will Pass It On To The Baby

It is another of the myths of breastfeeding that circulate by word of mouth in society and worries mothers. In no case does it happen that the baby can catch gasses that your body has , nor will he suffer colic for that reason . The feeding that is followed will influence the taste of the milk , which will favor the subsequent introduction of food to the baby .

Give Both Breasts At Each Feeding And Establish Schedules For Breastfeeding

Both of these social beliefs are false. It is preferable that the breast from which you drink the milk is emptied completely before changing . This is because high – fat milk is the last that the baby suckles . For this reason you should finish one first before starting the next one. In fact, for many babies, just one for each feeding will be enough. In addition, the routine must be established naturally , so that breastfeeding is on demand .

If The Baby Demands More Milk, You Are Running Out

This should not worry you since it is just one more myth about breastfeeding. It is likely that the baby may demand more milk at certain times due to growth . It can also be because the baby is thirsty and therefore wants more feed. In any case, as long as the baby sucks the milk, the mother’s body will continue to produce it.

Milk Production Will Be Less In A Small Breast

It is another of the myths about breastfeeding that have spread. Each breast is made up of glandular tissue, fatty tissue, and supporting connective tissue. The size depends on the fatty tissue, while the production of milk takes place in the glandular tissue . For this reason the size of the breast is not a factor that affects the amount of milk that the baby needs to feed.

Breastfeeding Deforms The Breast

This is a false belief since the main change that women observe in their breasts occurs during pregnancy . As you gain weight, your breasts increase . The breastfed baby does not cause the deformation of the chest, but age is what affects the physical changes of this.

Emotional Problems Can Shorten Breastfeeding

It is true that situations of overwhelm and stress can affect the flow of milk temporarily. If the mother is going through a difficult situation, it is best to increase the frequency with which the baby is breastfed so that it is completely emptied . This prevents milk from being retained, decreasing its production.

Avoid Sports While Breastfeeding

That you cannot carry out physical activity in this period of your life is completely false. Not only are sports and breastfeeding compatible, but they are also recommended . Exercises is beneficial for the health of the mother and therefore the baby. It is true that risky sports should be avoided , which can cause some trauma to the chest, or the practice of extremely intense physical activities , if you are not professionally dedicated to sports.

As Long As You Breastfeed Your Baby, You Will Not Be Able To Get Pregnant Again.

In no case should you consider it as a contraceptive method since you can get pregnant again while breastfeeding. It is true that the chances of it happening are only 2% and as long as the following factors are met, it is most likely that you will not get pregnant. The breastfed baby must be less than six months old. The shots should be frequent during the day and night. In addition, the period must not have resumed after delivery . If these three things are true, you still won’t be able to get pregnant. However, if that’s what you want, it’s just a matter of being patient, since it won’t be easier for you to stop breastfeeding.

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