The Healthy Apple

The Healthy Apple: A Round Thing!

Healthy Apple, Eat an Apple Day is celebrated every third Saturday in September. We thank the healthy fruit for its many nutrients. And we congratulate everyone who likes to bite down and do themselves a favor. Read interesting and worth knowing facts about the apple!

The nutrients in the apple read like a richly laid table with healthy things – above all: vitamins B1, B2, B6, E and C, potassium, calcium, folic acid, pectins and polyphenols. With an average of almost 55 kilocalories and around six grams of fructose per 100 grams, the apple is light food. Its water content of 85% also makes it a thirst quencher. Apples are a well-rounded thing in every respect.

The apple as a medicinal plant

The apple appears as a medicinal plant in ancient Babylonian writings. As such, it was also used in medieval medicine. It would be too much to say that apples can cure diseases. The consumption of the popular fruit is health-promoting. The apple nutrients mentioned all have positive effects on the human body.

Various studies indicate that eating apples regularly should reduce certain health risks. Here you have to broaden your perspective. Anyone who lives unhealthily will not be helped by frequent apple consumption alone. But apples can be a helpful part of a healthy diet.

(Super)earthly apple stories

The English astronomer and physicist Isaac Newton is said to have discovered gravity when he saw an apple fall from a tree. In any case, the vernacular knows that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve had a problem when they ate the “fruits of the tree of knowledge,” which may have been an apple. Popular belief has it that the apple (which could have been a fig) got stuck in Adam’s throat. The term Adam’s apple was soon born and in medicine means the visible protrusion of the larynx in men. The Celts hoped that after their death they would come to the mystical apple island of Avalon. And our ancestors even used the “king of fruits” as an oracle or to ward off evil spells.

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