The Importance Of The Nutritionist

What Are Nutrients And Nutrition?

A nutrient is a substance that ensures the conservation and growth of an organism, offering the cells of the organism the substances necessary to live.

Nutrition, therefore, is nothing more than the action of nourishing. And once this question is answered, who is the nutritionist?

What Is Dietitian-Nutritionist?

The nutritionist is an expert in food, nutrition, and dietetics, who has the necessary knowledge to be able to intervene in the feeding of an individual, regardless of the reason for the intervention.

Normally, they intervene in cases of illness or overweight, although more and more people request them to improve their eating habits, without having any problem to solve.

To perform it, the patient must undergo a medical diagnosis, to be able to examine the initial state of the same and thus be able to make a nutritional, physiological, and pathological evaluation, with which then to be able to carry out diet therapy (design of a personalized diet for each patient).

What Can A Nutritionist Do For You?

  • Help you lose or gain weight ,depending on your needs, adapting the diet to your tastes and your life. In the case of having to gain weight, the ideal would be to achieve a gain in muscle mass, accompanied by strength and volume. This process is more difficult for the individual than it seems for a person with a slim constitution.
  • It can help you to acquire healthy and sustainable habits and nutrition.
  • A good dietitian-nutritionist will help you learn to cook since one of the great challenges for nutritionists is to prevent patients from consuming industrially processed foods. The ideal is to teach people to process food themselves, in order to be able to do without industrial food.
  • Going to a nutritionist will help you improve your self-esteem since apart from improving your health, it will make you look better physically. Plus, making a lifestyle change is a lot harder than it sounds. You will go after the achievement of objectives that, once achieved, produce a very rewarding effect on the person.

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