Isometric Contraction

Isometric Contraction|Good Strength and Benefits With Isometric Contraction

Strength training or isometric contraction is an effort you make in a static position. During an isometric contraction, the levers do not move and the support points are fixed.Ideal when you are stuck like a shell on an aeroplane, train or even in the car during a long journey. After a while in the same position, we have the urge which becomes stronger and stronger to stretch and contract our muscles.

Strength training or isometric contraction is an ideal way to meet these needs. An isometric contraction is characterized by an absence of displacement, the effort consists simply in keeping the contracted position for a certain time.

Nothing is better than doing some isometric contractions during the day when you feel lack of energy and you need to circulate this energy in you because it does not miss you, it is simply stagnant, it doesn’t is not moving.

Isometric contraction is ideal for stimulating muscles without any disturbance for you. This is why, in this article, we will see the advantages of isometric contraction and finally some static exercises which are more by way of isometric bodybuilding and the precautions to be taken.

Isometric Exercises

1. Isometric Contraction: The Advantages.

It’s Practical, It’s Your Sport.

The main advantage of isometric contraction is its practicality. You can do it anywhere, anytime without the need for specific equipment. In the office at your work, in the dining room at home, in a public garden when you go for a walk, in your car, on a train, etc. as many places in which you keep the same position for a long time that your body will bear less and less.

You have a numb leg, stretch your leg to contract your quadriceps on the spot. Do you have a numb arm? Stretch it in front of you, it will relax it.

No Intensive Effort.

Isometric contraction is ideal for working your muscles without straining your tendons or your joints, as can be the case in weight or body weight exercises.

Ideal For Beginners.

Isometric contraction adapts to all levels. Ideal for beginners who do not know what to do as a physical activity, isometric contraction is the basis that everyone can do. It is possible to adapt the level according to the duration of the contraction. The more your muscle is developed, the more you will be able to maintain the contraction. So your ability will evolve over time as you practice.

Strengthen Your Muscle Tone.

Isometric contraction is ideal for increasing your strength, your muscle tone. By contracting your muscle for a certain period of time, you work the muscle in depth, therefore your strength. However, you will gain no muscle volume or very little while doing muscle contraction.

It is good to remember that although the isometric contraction has many health benefits, relaxation and sometimes physical fitness, it does not by itself allow you to lose weight, especially fat. More intensive exercise is needed to boost fat and produce the fat-burning adrenergic hormones.

2. Isometric bodybuilding Exercises.

The Chair.

The chair exercise consists in adopting a chair-shaped position. You lean against a wall, you place your back against the wall and you bend your legs so that your thighs are parallel to the floor exactly like on a chair.Once you make a right angle with your legs, hold the position as long as possible

The Hip Lift.

It is an exercise that you cannot do anywhere because it requires some space. Lie on your back on the floor, hold your arms on the floor alongside your body and put your feet flat. You then flex your legs and slowly lift your buttocks and back. Be sure to keep your body taut as a board, not a curve. Hold this position for as long as possible.

Sheathing The Trunk.

You can sheath the trunk anywhere as long as you have a chair at your disposal. Sit on the chair, contract the abs and keep your feet up a few inches from the floor for as long as possible.

Studies have shown that isometric exercises decrease the elasticity of muscles. They should not be done in isolation. It is best to do isometric exercises in combination with isotonic exercise.

For example, you can start with 1 to 3 isometric exercises and then continue with your isotonic contraction such as body weight exercises .Isometric exercises are producing anabolic hormones therefore ideal for gaining muscle and adrenergic hormones that help burn fat.

In conclusion, the contraction and isometric bodybuilding is the result of a static effort that requires no movement on your part, you simply have to maintain a particular position for a certain time.

Easy to perform, no equipment required or basic equipment for some more advanced exercises and adapts to all levels of difficulty. No influence on muscular hypertrophy, i.e. over development of the muscles. You will only develop your strength.

Finally it is important to include isometric exercises in a more complete sport program with other exercises that require muscle movement and not to practice them in isolation.



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