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Why Don’t Kids Want To Eat? 7 Tips For Modern Moms

During the holidays, I visited my grandmother with the children. There was also a cousin with her boys. At Sunday lunch, she told me, “You’re a happy mom. I envy you so much that your children eat so much. ”

I never thought that children’s sullenness in food could be such a problem. At that time, I also remembered the words of our kindergarten teacher: “We immediately see which child has eating habits from home, which my mother cooks home-made food at home. We have children who eagerly await french fries on a plate every day. And not only that. I had a child who asked every day when the dinosaur nuggets would finally be for lunch, ”the teacher confided to me. One day my son came home and told me that two of his friends had never eaten peas (not mixed, but normal green balls).

Apart from hereditary predispositions (again, not everyone has to be eaters, the children have to be after someone), the relationship to food must be cultivated! So let’s try it, nice modern moms together!

Let’s build a relationship with food  – starting with the baby. Food is a reward, it’s a ritual and you have to have a positive relationship. Smile, prepare food with taste and joy. When the baby sees how you look forward to the food, he reflects your smile.     

Aesthetics of dining  – choose the first plate and cup, so when the child starts eating on their own, choose together! Let the child choose “his” most beautiful and unique plate and glass.

Then show him to the whole family at dinner to be proud of him. You will see how it works and the food tastes better from a beautiful plate.

Dining  together – always practice it as much as possible. Ideal every day at the same time (shared breakfast or dinner). This is the basis of the right dietary basics, especially after a mental stand. During it, the child takes the habits from his parents, observes their behavior at the table. In later life, this ritual proved to be an excellent way for me to build trust, start everyday communication and share the common experiences that we each experienced.

Place  setting – food should be an experience. Arrange a beautiful meal and keep in mind that the eyes also eat. This is doubly true for children.  

Naming  – you will use this trick perfectly, especially in preschool age (3-6 years). Kids love the game and have an incredible imagination. Take advantage of it! I chose my own food names for it. For example:

  • Shrek’s soup  (spinach)
  • Soup with soccer balls   (pea)
  • Bunny masquerade  (anything with carrots)
  • Knight’s delicacy from which you will have strength  (meat dish)
  • Medicinal soup against bacilli  (chicken broth)
  • etc.

Food is a gift  – I have been teaching my children since the age of 5 that food is a gift and it should be earned. I explain to them how the food gets on the plate:

“Parents have to go to work to make money. They can then buy groceries in the store for them. Food is cooked from food. However, its preparation is quite demanding and often exhausting. Therefore, the children are very lucky that the food is given to them by a smiling mother on the table. There is a lot of love in it! It should be weighed and not left on a plate. “

Let the food taste  – my grandmother always says, “Cook those kids what they like!” 

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