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Healthy Food, The appearance of the skin is not simply the result of how much care is given to it in terms of aesthetic treatments. Women are well aware of this, who feed the beauty market (now closely followed by many men) : creams, peelings and latest generation products become indispensable objects of desire , but do not always meet expectations. Yes, because to prevent and mitigate the signs of aging, the real secret – say the experts – would be on the plate.

“The most recent and stimulating branch of genetics is the one that has clarified how DNA is not a static element that represents our biological destiny, but that on the contrary it is a dynamic system that dialogues, interacts and reacts to environmental stimuli – explains Dr. Filippo Ongaro , doctor and Specialist in Anti-aging Medicine, among the speakers present at the Skineco Course, entitled Belli mangiando , which was recently held in Rome – This branch of study, epigenetics , has opened unimaginable horizons in medicine and possibility of prevention, but it also has implications on the aging process. By making the right choices then we can turn on the good genes and turn off the harmful ones , affecting health, but also longevity and beauty.

The professor continues: “An example confirmed by many studies concerns sirtuins , cellular proteins capable of repairing the damage that accumulate day after day, and which are stimulated by interventions such as the reduction of calories or the intake of particular phytonutrients such as resveratrol. This is of particular importance for the skin, which acting as a barrier and filter with the outside , is a fabric where the signs of age accumulate with particular ease.

Part of our elixir of long life is in the kitchen – reinforces the concept Dr. Pucci Romano , Specialist in Dermatology and President Skineco – and the secret lies in the environmental, cultural and culinary roots of our wonderful country. Let’s think of traditional productions : millenary olive trees for extra virgin olive oil , a source of precious fatty acids with antioxidant power, and then both table and wine grapes, especially red, a concentrate of polyphenols and resveratrol with a strong antioxidant and anti-aging action. We are in a geographical position where we are exposed to the sea for three quarters, which means blue fish , a true concentrate of omega 3 that protects the heart, but not only. A diet rich in fish means a younger skin , as evidenced also by the oriental populations who have their basic ingredient in fish. Unfortunately, the link between skin and nutritional is the least investigated ; we often use food as medicine to improve blood chemistry and limit risk of some pathologies, while we should begin to think of the hundreds of food molecules, also as precious allies of beauty. Molecules that multiply their qualities exponentially when those substances that exert a plastic function act together , favoring cellular and energetic renewal – in the sense of providing fuel to the organism – but also regulating and protecting metabolic processes ”.

In the recipe for healthy and young skin, no nutrients should be missing, and none should be excluded, as in a great symphony orchestra each contributes to the perfection of the execution: carbohydrates, proteins and fats , cooked and combined in the correct way, selected among the best sources.

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