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Mama June Weight Loss | How Mama June Size 4

Mama June weight loss The whole world was impressed with the incredible transformation. After losing 300 pounds, honey boo boo weight loss, but overnight in her diet made her climb several sizes, Reaching size 4 helped her proudly show off a new silhouette in her public appearances, grabbing attention and surprised all her fans.

Mama June, did not think she was going to do it, but after undergoing gastric band surgery in 2016, with the help of her personal trainer Kenya Crooks and a diet, she achieved her goal: she went from being a size 24 to the mama june size 4.

Three years ago, mama June 2019, surprised her fans with great news: she lost almost half of her weight. This story inspired thousands of women around the world. However, very few people know the reason that motivated June to change.

About June Shannon

Mama June now new look at the age of 39 years old. She was born and raised in Georgia. She had four children. June Shannon, better known as Mama June, rose to fame after her participation in the reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”

Mama June has never had a slim or fit body. Even in her childhood, she was chubby and her classmates made fun of her. The economic situation of her family and an unhealthy diet only helped her gain weight. June ate cheap and fattening food, and her parents simply had no money to send her to a gym. All this led her to weigh more than 200 kilos when she reached the age of 30.

How She Lose Weight 300 Pounds

She decided to go for gastric bypass surgery because she’s weighed 460 pounds.This type of surgery involves removal of excess skin on his neck, arms and abdomen. The Patient normal food to ate before the surgeries but after surgeries the patients will not be able to eat as much food took as they did before the surgery

Although she wanted to lose weight on a diet, she had to reduce her stomach because she had stalled in the process. After having gastric bypass surgery, my trainer had to help me attract my figure.

How Did Her Loss Weight In A Short Time,Surprised Everyone

She invested more than US $ 75,000 in performing a gastric bypass , breast augmentation and removal of excess skin on his neck, arms and abdomen, with which a total of 9 pounds of skin was removed. All the work she invested to lose weight was documented in her reality show Mama June From Not to Hot”. This is not simple for everyone because you believed or not when i went to the gym and hit all the time,but I made a perfect effort to maintain it the best I can, she said “people magazine” after the operation an year ago.

Mama June Diet

She was trying to break in to the glamorous world of adult beauty pageants, and turns to a keto diet to help her shift the extra poundsKeto which champions a diet in carbohydrates and high in good fats and protein, is good for weight loss as it forces the body to burn its own stores of fat rather than quick and easy glucose in the form of carbs and sugar.

I have tried the keto diet, and it’s not that bad. It’s such as, cheese eggs, protein meat and you are truly losing weight with that, June said in a BUILD series interview in summer of 2018.

June shannon is not at all selfish. This woman shares her secrets with everyone who wants to lose weight. For example, she once confessed that she changed her eating habits radically. However, one or another whim was given by not being able to resist grapes, despite the fact that nutritionists insist on avoiding them.

Adding that she had never been a big fan of bread or pasta, Momma June said in an interview I’m not here to tell people how to diet and which type of diets follow, because everyone different, and different mindsets, in their mind different types of diet plans are there. but I know what has worked for me. I think people just don’t need to give up, and I think that’s what happens with a lot of diets nowadays. I’ve done that.”

She added that her focus now had to be on regaining the vision she’d lost in both eyes, explaining: “I can lose the weight, I know that. And I know I don’t want to go back over 200lb. I’m paying attention to it more.”

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