Homeopathy, What It Is And What It Is Used For

Homeopathy is a widely used therapy in recent years. This natural method, according to its creator, Samuel Hahnemann, is based on the idea that “the similar cures the similar” which means that, a substance that is capable of causing the same symptoms as a disease in a healthy person, applied a certain way, relieve those symptoms of sick people. Homeopathy, unlike other therapies, is based on the treatment of people, and not on the common parameters of diseases, since the same problem can affect two people in a totally different way, and, for each case, the solutions that work are totally opposite.

Currently, there are universities that are beginning to see the usefulness of adding these studies in the field of alternative medicine to their academic offer

The scientific basis of this treatment is based, contrary to the traditional medicines that are used to end the symptoms that produce the disease, with creating small controlled attacks on the immune system to fight against the symptoms, so that it learns how to overcome them and that he manages to heal himself.

The possible application of these procedures is based on the affected areas, and the problems to be solved since not all diseases can be treated with these techniques. According to the Society of Homeopathic Medicine, the fields in which this treatment can be applied are:

  • Otorhinolaryngological And Bronchial
  • Digestive
  • Circulatory
  • Osteoarticular
  • Trauma
  • Urological and gynecological
  • Dermatological
  • Neurological
  • Ophthalmological
  • Psychiatric
  • Pediatric
  • Endocrinological
  • Immune system
  • Palliative treatments

The treatment offered by homeopaths is a series of preparations, normally presented in liquid form, in which a series of natural elements are mixed and diluted to achieve the required treatment.

It must be understood that when it comes to dilutions, it is that the liquids have been subjected to two processes before mixing them to achieve the necessary procedure:

  • Deconcentration process, in which the base ingredients, or mother tincture, is diluted to a concentration of water or alcohol.
  • Dynamization Process. After the first step, where the ingredients are diluted, the resulting liquid is mixed vigorously, since according to the principles of homeopathy, the active principles of the resulting substance pass into the water.

These steps are carried out as many times as necessary, since, according to the principles of homeopathy, a greater number of dilutions will mean a more powerful treatment, since a greater number of active principles will pass into the water. In addition, all the preparations that follow this line of study must carry, together with the list of active ingredients that have been used in their creation.

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