Healthy And Beautiful Hair

Healthy And Beautiful Hair

Do we take good care of our hair? Discover the following tips to always keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Hair is a key element in a person’s physical image; therefore we must take care of it and maintain a healthy, clean, and beautiful hi. In dermatology and cosmetics books, hair is studied as one of the annexes of the skin, together with nails, sebaceous and sweat glands, structures found in the dermis and epidermis, and they achieve, with their correct functioning, maintain healthy and healthy skin characteristics.

The ABC To Care For Hair

  • Wash hair with proper shampoo and frequency. Choose mild formulations. Do not use a treatment shampoo for frequent use, or body wash.
  • Condition with more or less complex products depending on the propensity to frizz, the length of the hair and the type of activity to be carried out.
  • Rigorously apply anti-dandruff, anti-seborrhea a nd anti-hair loss treatments, according to the doctor’s prescription, or the advice of the pharmacist and the manufacturer’s rules of use. And leave them or space them once the problem is overcome.
  • Use styling finishing products very sparingl , as they all form films on the hair and excessively worsen the appearance. The use of foams and the like implies washing every 48 hours at most to maintain healthy hair.
  • Increase the proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet and, if it is not possible, or we anticipate a difficult season, supplement with an adequate nutricosmetic.

Haircare Products

Hygiene Products

These are shampoos, which must gently remove dirt or product residues deposited on the hair and without damaging the cuticle. The lathering shampoos bases are detergents that have evolved in recent years to aigh tolerance, so that can be used to daily on normal hair. When specific substances such as zinc pyrithione, pypiroctonelamine, selenium disulfide, or some medicinal plants (nettle for fat, quinine to strengthen hair …) are added to the foaming bases, we are faced with a targeted treatment shampoo. to solve some frequent alterations such as dandruff and fat.

Hair Treatment Products

Shampoos are often complemented with the use of one of these products or treatments:

  • Lotions, ampoules ,or sprays are applied before or after this. An anAn-hair loss treatments, blisters take center stage ,and shampoo is relegated to the background.
  • The conditioners that applied and rinsed, or not, after washing, complement the action of the shampoo for flexibility and shine to the hair. They are products that treat the appearance and touch of the hair since they repair the hair strand and cover it with very fine layers of substances that regenerate the cuticle and facilitate detangling, drying, and styling.
  • There is a multitude of serums to apply wet or dry, softening creams, masks for intensive repairs, oils for the ends … and they do not stop appearing on the market so that each one finds the most suitable one.
  • Professionally executed treatments such as perms, straightening ,and keratin bath . In the first tw,o there is a temporary denaturation of the hair, so you have to put yourself in the hands of a good professional who uses quality products. It is convenient to assess prices and guarantees before choosing.
  • Decorative hair cosmetics, classically dyes or color baths, which add color and mask gray hair, although we could also include in this section all styling finishing products such as foams, lacquers ,and more or less fixing gummies, which are also essential for many today

Hair Nutricosmetics

They are products that, in the form of tablets or capsules, provide internally the vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain healthy hair. These products are food supplements and, therefore, are sold without a prescription in pharmacies. It is advisable to take them when greater capillary weakness is perceived or expected, which for many people is usually in late summer or early autumn .They supplement or complement the nutritional deficiencies derived from the current lifestyle, whdoes not always allow a balanced diet.

Hair Capillary Structure

In the structure of a hair or hair we distinguish:

  • The external part or stem is the part that we comb and that made up of cells very rich in keratin and arranged in the shape of a slate roof. They form the so-called capillary cuticle that when in good condition is stuck on itself and shows a smooth surface. Aggressive hairstyles and products deconstruct the cuticle and this manifests itself in the known and feared: frizz and split end.
  • The root is located under the skin or the scalp and consists of the pilosebaceous follicle, which is the set formed by an oil gland and the hair follicle or special dermal cells (papilla), which give rise to hair. Each pilosebaceous follicle is inside a “sac” that opens to the surface through a pore. 

Matter Of Balance

As in many things in life, the important thing to keep your hair in good condition is balance. The sebaceous glands must secrete just enough: not too little and not too much. A lack of oil will lead to dry skin and hair that will require continuous hydration and/or re-greasing, while if the oil is excessive, the skin and hair care will show an oily appearance that will have to be removed with shampoos, which clean properly smooth, without eliciting a rebound response. Both dryness and excess oil can lead to flaking of the scalp or dandruff that will need to be treated.

What You Should Know

  • Avoid aggressive hairstyles and products, as they cause frizz and split ends.
  • Choose mild shampoos and conditioners based on your hair type.
  • Moderate the use of styling finishing products (gummies, foams, lacquers …) that excessively worsen their quality and appearance.
  • From a functional point of view, hair and hair act as physical protection of the skin against blows, while helping to maintain body temperature. This thermoregulatory function is very evident in animals covered with hair, while in man it has been lost and therefore must be dressed.

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