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Tips To Achieve Healthy And Beautiful Hair

Having healthy and beautiful hair is something that every woman wants to achieve. A hydrated and healthy hair is synonymous with beauty and well-being, but on many occasions, we fall into daily mistakes that instead of helping us take care of our image, worsen the quality of our hair.

Experts have told us about the daily problems that women face when they want to take care of and get the most out of their hair.

Know Your Scalp

The first and most important thing when starting to properly care for our hair is to know what type of scalp we have. Paying it the right care and the treatment it needs is one of the keys to showing off a mane 10.

In some cases, many women think that they may have an oily scalp that leads them to wash their hair on a frequent basis. This may be the case or simply washing with harsh shampoos is causing a rebound effect on your hair. If you want to know what type of leather to put in the hands of a professional, the Luis & Tachi centers carry out an examination of the scalp before starting any treatment, so they know first-hand what the specific needs of your hair are.

Be Careful With The Shampoos You Use

If you have noticed that your hair is beginning to lose shine and vitality, do not let it pass and get to work.

Frizzy and dull hair is synonymous with a lack of hydration. One of its causes may lie in the type of shampoo you are using. If your washing routine features an anti-grease product, you have to take into account that it not only treats the scalp by dragging sebum and dirt but also affects and dries the rest of the hair that does need that extra hydration. Therefore, in the words of the expert Esther Nombela, it is best to alternate shampoos and use a specific one if you need some special care and a mild one that respects the natural pH of our scalp.

Hydration And Nutrition, Two Essentials In Your Beauty Routine

Hydrate or nourish? That is the point. Because hydrating and nourishing are not the same, we must take into account what our hair is asking of us. To know the specific need of our hair, no one better than your hairdresser can help you to get out of the doubt but if you want to do a little test at home to find out what is wrong with you:

  1. If you notice fragile hair with a tendency to split, you lack nutrition.
  2. If you notice your hair is frizzy and without lack of shine, you need a good dose of hydration.

A test that can help you to know more about the needs of your hair and thus achieve a radiant and beautiful mane.

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