5 Tips To Avoid Aluminum In Food

5 Tips To Avoid Aluminum In Food

Aluminum In Food: Grilling can be a health hazard. You’re probably thinking: “Old hat, I’ve known that for a long time! The fat mustn’t drip onto the embers, that’s unhealthy.” That’s true, but unfortunately that’s not all.

Aluminum is the new health problem. Because this metal can get into the grilled food (or other foods). Then eat it with you. And that’s not healthy, because people don’t need aluminum. If he gets too much of it, it is deposited in the body and causes considerable oxidative stress there. That means there are too many harsh chemical radicals that can attack and even destroy cells.

Which foods contain aluminum?

Each piece of aluminum foil that comes into contact with food can increase the level of aluminum in the food and ultimately in the body. And if things go badly, a food will even absorb a lot of aluminum.

It is particularly unfavorable when aluminum comes into contact with clearly acidic or alkaline foods. This can be lemon juice or vinegar (schnitzel, salad dressings, etc.) or pretzels if they are baked in the bakery or at home on an aluminum tray. Because the lye with which these baked goods are treated attacks the aluminum so that it can migrate into the dough.

And there are other sources of aluminum – especially in summer: deodorants! Especially when the temperature is high, you sweat more, so you use more deodorant. But they can also contain aluminum, especially those sold as antiperspirants because they inhibit sweating. These deodorants can only do this because of the aluminum they contain.

Other cosmetics, such as sunscreen, toothpaste or lipstick, can also contain aluminium. Take a look at the lists of ingredients, you will be amazed at where aluminum plays a role.

Aluminum as a drug – Two alternatives

Really high amounts of aluminum get into the body when you take medicines that contain aluminum. Drugs of this kind are often offered in pharmacies if you ask for help against heartburn and stomach acid. Those affected get these drugs without a prescription and are initially happy that the unpleasant and perhaps even painful symptoms are disappearing. But they buy it expensively with a high aluminum load and health hazards of a completely different kind. There are also very good alternatives here: 

Alternative 1: Eat more vegetables and less meat, sausage and side dishes such as rice, pasta or bread. You may find out very quickly that heartburn will soon be a thing of the past. If you then don’t eat that late in the evening and limit yourself to wine, coffee and cigarettes, you should be able to get the problem under control. If this is not the case, the following may help. 

Alternative 2: Get basic tablets without aluminum, because there are those too. They contain carbonates and citrates and do their job very well. You can get such tablets in drugstores, health food stores or in pharmacies. Just ask if you are offered something containing aluminium.

5 tips to reduce your aluminum consumption

  • Skip the aluminum foil and wrap your food in bowls that you cover with plates.
  • If you grill electrically, you can remove the droplets of fat so that they do not burn.
  • Make your baked potatoes without aluminum in a bowl.
  • Read the list of ingredients carefully: Look out for the E number E 173, because that is aluminum.
  • Stop buying products with aluminum.

How can I find out how much aluminum I have in my body? 

Anyone who is worried because they have used aluminum foil, stomach acid blockers and deodorants with aluminum for many years can have themselves tested for aluminum. Such a test is best done after chelation to mobilize aluminum in the body. The urine is then collected and later examined in the laboratory.

If aluminum is found, you should do more chelations until the stress is safely eliminated. In addition, it can be beneficial to use phospholipids to help remove harmful substances such as aluminum from the membranes and cells. As a result, the time it takes for harmful amounts of metal to leave the body is shorter. With pre-treatments with phospholipids, fewer chelation sessions are needed, which is generally accepted given the usually overcrowded schedules of patients these days.

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