Aloe Vera And Sunburns: Soothing Your Skin After Holi Celebrations

Holi brings lots of fun and frolic together. One festival that brings everyone close and in the party mood, Holi is celebrated with much enthusiasm. The only worry is the harm the colours do to the skin. As much as we enjoy playing with colours, the harsh sunlight and Holi colours damage our skin. Fret not, aloe vera gel moisturiser is at your rescue so that you can enjoy the festivity in full swing. 

Why choose aloe vera?

The therapeutic and healing properties of aloe vera are known for centuries. It is one plant used for medicinal and beauty purposes since the beginning of Ayurveda. One plant with multiple benefits, aloe vera has massive healing properties that helps the body from inside and outside to stay healthy and supple. A natural antioxidant and moisturiser, Aloe Vera Gel for Face soothes the sun-damaged, irritated, and inflamed skin.

Ways to use aloe vera for skin care after Holi celebrations

With many skincare and makeup products infused with aloe vera extracts, you can easily incorporate aloe vera into your daily skincare routine. The yellow substance in aloe vera gel can cause allergic reactions, so always separate the yellow part before applying aloe vera to your skin.

Power of Aloe vera

When it is about the damage the sun and Holi colours have caused to your skin, let’s see how aloe vera can help to revive your skin.

1.Face wash and body wash

Use an aloe vera-infused face wash and body wash to remove the Holi colours and tan from your skin. Aloe vera gently removes the colours and soothes the skin from the harm the colours have caused to your skin. The colours make your skin dry, taking away its natural moisturiser and making it rough. Aloe vera nourishes the skin and locks in the moisturiser without drying out the skin further.

2.Aloe vera exfoliator

A simple face and body scrub can be made at home by mixing aloe vera gel with some fine sugar crystals and almond or olive oils. Use this scrub to gently exfoliate your face and body to get off the colours on your skin. Aloe vera contains salicylic acid, making it a great cleansing agent that helps to remove dead skin cells and flakiness on the skin. Do not use lemon drops in your face scrub as they can make skin further irritated.

3.Nourishing moisturiser

Aloe vera contains 95% of the water that moisturises the skin and locks in hydration. Do not leave your skin alone after you have exfoliated it. Apply aloe vera moisturiser, cream-based or gel-based, depending on your skin as it helps retain skin’s moisture and soothes the skin. For dry skin, go for cream-based aloe vera moisturiser or aloe vera gel for dry skin especially curated for this skin type. After the Holi party, a more nourishing moisturiser is definitely needed.

4.Brightening serum

Serums are the concentrated forms that are easily absorbed by the skin. An aloe vera serum deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin. It calms the irritated skin and nourishes it to shine bright. It works on spots and pigmentation, making skin tone even. It also eases sunburn and sun tan with its rich antioxidant properties.

5.Soothing face mask

You can also use an aloe vera mask to soothe your skin. While you put on the mask, the skin absorbs all the goodness of the aloe vera and other ingredients infused. It makes the skin nourished and supple, providing it some time to relax and heal. Let your skin transform into supple and soft skin glowing in its natural and healthy shine.

How To Use

We recommend

Let’s make your hunt for aloe vera gel for dry skin after Holi celebrations easy with aloe vera gel products by Lotus Herbals. These products are infused with active aloe vera and other potent natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and make it supple and smooth.

Aloe Vera when mixed with coconut oil, helps in the reduction of sunburns as it naturally cools the skin and nourishes the skin. A little application of aloe vera gel quickly reduces any redness or irritation on the skin caused by the sun or the Holi colours.

1.Berry scrub strawberry and aloe vera exfoliating face wash

The face wash comes with the goodness of strawberry seeds and the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera gel that helps cool the skin and remove dead cells. It helps in removing the harsh Holi colours from the pores of the skin.

2.Lotus herbal active aloe + niacinamide brightening boost mist

Give an instant boost of hydration to the skin with the aloe mist and reduce the skin’s dullness. Freshen up your skin with instant glow and brightness with just a few spritzes.

3.Active aloe day and night hydration combo

The hydration aloe vera gel moisturiser combo comes with the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera gel that cools the skin and reduce any redness. The day and night combo works best together, boosting the effect with day and night application.

Bring the goodness of aloe vera gel for your face into your skincare routine to make it heal from the harsh Holi colours and sun tan. Enjoy the Holi party without the fears of after effects and let your skin shine bright!

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