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Lip Scrub: This Is How You Do Your Own Lip Scrub

Especially in the cold winter months, our skin suffers from dry heating air and icy wind – especially our lips! Because the thin skin around our mouth is still moistened in between and dries out much faster. With this simple DIY lip scrub made from four ingredients , rough lips are a thing of the past .

It is important with every lip peeling that you do not do it too often – no more than once a week! – used, because especially when your lips are already cracked, you do n’t want to “hurt” them any more. However, a peeling is still good if you need a quick remedy – for example before a matt lipstick or a hot date .

This Is How You Mix The Lip Peeling Yourself

In addition to the cost factor (finished lip peelings in stores cost between € 3 and € 30), this DIY alternative is made super easy and mixed with good ingredients. The ingredients are true miracle weapons against rough lips. Honey is antibacterial and soothes the skin, brown sugar acts as a gentle and natural peeling and coconut oil provides moisture .

The ingredients

  • ¼ teaspoon of brown sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon honey
  • ¼ teaspoon coconut oil
  • Lip balm

Tips For Successful Peeling

  • Have you ever peeled your lips dry ? That was definitely not very pleasant. Simply moisten your lips with a lip balm beforehand .
  • Put all three ingredients together and mix them until they are evenly mixed. Then apply the paste generously to your upper and lower lips. Despite the name, you shouldn’t really rub hard here, but just gently massage the paste in .
  • Let the paste soak in for a few minutes and then gently remove it from your lips with a wet washcloth . Then use a moisturizing lip balm or a rich lip mask.
  • Especially with homemade products you have to pay attention to the shelf life , as no chemical additives make the products long-lasting. Just put the rest of the lip scrub in the refrigerator – it will last for almost 48 hours here, and you shouldn’t keep it there for much longer.

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