The Waves, The Sand and The Wardrobe Your Go-To Guide To The Dubai Beach Dress Code

The Waves, The Sand and The Wardrobe: Your Go-To Guide To The Dubai Beach Dress Code

Dubai, where endless sunshine meets golden shores, transforms winter into an eternal summer playground. Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, its beaches become a haven for those seeking an escape during the cooler months.
If you’re planning a beach trip to this sunkissed city, there are certain cultural nuances you need to be aware of, the most important being the local dress code.

As you probably already know, Dubai is a place where a lot of Muslims reside. As such, this city – along with the rest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – tends to have more conservative wardrobe requirements. Even so, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort and style to enjoy the beaches of the emirate.

In this article, you’ll learn the basic etiquette when choosing and wearing swimwear in the UAE, specifically Dubai.

Swimwear Etiquette: Decoding the Dubai Dress Code

Dubai beaches beckon with crystal-clear waters, but navigating the waves also means mastering the art of swimwear etiquette.

To ensure your beach days are a seamless blend of style and cultural respect, keep the Dubai dress code for beachgoers in mind:

Public Beaches

If you’re planning to visit a public beach, you can only don your swimwear on the beach itself. Bikinis and swimwear are okay, but Brazilian thongs are highly discouraged, especially in public areas.

Also, avoid wearing pieces that are near-transparent or see-through. Otherwise, you may be denied entry to beaches and pools.

Private Beaches, Hotels and Resorts

Women are free to wear bikinis and swimwear, aligning with the city’s cosmopolitan flair when visiting private beaches and pools within the premises of hotels and resorts.

While these places may be more liberal compared to public beaches, you should still maintain modesty as a show of respect for the local culture.

Water Parks

Proper swimwear is a prerequisite for entry at water parks in Dubai. This includes one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, full-body swimsuits, or burkinis. Again, avoid thongs and any transparent swimwear.

Conversely, water park guests are also prohibited from wearing regular clothing, flowing dresses, or underwear on rides or in the water.

Transitioning Beyond Beaches, Pools, and Water Parks

Swimwear is exclusive to designated beach and pool areas.

When leaving the beach, you must cover up with suitable attire. You can wear a tank top, kaftan, or maxi dress, depending on where you’re headed.

Covering Up in Style: Must-Have Modest Beachwear Elements

When the sun takes a gentler turn, it’s time to slip into something stylish yet modest for a stroll along Dubai’s pristine beaches.

Enhance your beachwear with the perfect blend of fashion and respect, embracing the versatility of beach cover-ups.

Beach Dress

A loose, flowy beach dress cover-up is a classic and comfortable option. It provides coverage while allowing for comfort and breathability.


Kaftans come in various lengths and styles, offering a chic and versatile option. They can be sheer or more solid, depending on your preference.


A sarong is a useful piece that can be worn in many different ways: as a skirt or dress or wrapped around your shoulders. It is made from lightweight material and convenient to bring not only to the beach but also when out on a casual stroll.


Elevate your beach look with a stylish beach tunic. Select one made from breathable fabrics like cotton or linen for a comfortable and trendy cover-up.

Maxi Skirt

A long, flowing maxi skirt is both elegant and practical. It provides coverage while maintaining a beachy vibe.

Rompers or Jumpsuits

Embrace trendiness with a lightweight, airy romper or jumpsuit – a comfortable and stylish choice for your beachwear ensemble.


Loose-fitting and stylish, a kimono adds a touch of boho chic to your beach look, making it a perfect cover-up for a relaxed vibe.


Like a sarong, a pareo offers versatility with its large fabric, allowing you to wrap it around in various ways for a personalized beach style.

Shirt Dress

Casual and practical, a button-up shirt dress serves as an easy-to-throw-on cover-up, effortlessly complementing your swimwear.

Mesh Cover-up

Add a playful and slightly transparent element to your beach ensemble with a mesh cover-up, allowing airflow while providing coverage.

Off-Shoulder Cover-Up

Infuse sophistication into your beach look with an off-shoulder cover-up. This can be easily slipped on or off for a touch of effortless glamour during your walk on the beach.

Hooded Cover-Up

Prioritize sun protection with a hooded cover-up. More than that, it offers a relaxed and sporty vibe for those beach days filled with activities.

Boho Wrap

Embrace a bohemian aesthetic with a patterned or fringed wrap, creating a stylish draped look over your shoulders.


Opt for a loose-fitting poncho as a stylish and relaxed choice, providing ample coverage for a carefree beach day.

Cropped Cover-Up Top

Pair a cropped cover-up top with high-waisted shorts or a skirt for a trendy and breezy ensemble, perfect for transitioning from beach to bayside cafes.

Seaside Elegance in Dubai

As the sun sets over Dubai’s glistening shores, let your beachwear tell a story of style and cultural respect.
Navigate the city’s diverse beaches gracefully, embracing the beauty of modest fashion.

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