How To Dress In Style Tips And Tricks

How To Dress In Style: Tips And Tricks

How to dress with style is one of the great unknowns in the world of fashion. But we are going to tell you a secret: there is no recipe or magic formula. It is not about having exclusive clothing items, spending more money, or renovating the closet every two months. The truth is that it is a mixture of small details that will make you wear a look that transmits your personality and being true to your tastes, and being cool. In the PLNS catalog, you will find all kinds of clothes, footwear, and accessories so that you can go to the latest and, of course, with a lot of styles.

The 6 Keys To Dressing In Style

As we mentioned before, there is no magic formula for knowing how to dress with style, although there are some guidelines that you can follow. If you also know that person who everything looks good on and, on the contrary, you can’t hit the nail on the head with style, it may be because you are not applying these six rules:

1 – Have Certain Essential Items On Hand

Several pieces of clothing should not be missing in your wardrobe if you want to look stylish. For example, a black dress, a pants dress, a white shirt, or jeans are essential that you will draw more than a rush. Also, point out some high-heeled shoes and a versatile bag that adapts to a good number of situations.

2 – Get The Most Out Of Your Basics

The basics are garments that you may not know very well when you need them, but that, suddenly, save an event. There are items such as jackets, raincoats, or a simple white t-shirt that you can use in many contexts. For example, if you don’t know how to give life to a look made up of jeans and a basic cotton T-shirt, you can add some New Balance-type sneakers and some extra layer (like a vest) to bring joy to the whole.

3 – Play With The Add-Ons

The accessories are responsible for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. If you feel that your outfit lacks a master touch, try adding a colorful necklace, a purse, some sunglasses, or even a cap (if the look allows it) to achieve the desired effect. You’ll love how easy it is to go from something normal to something more elaborate with a couple of add-ons.

4 – Get Rid Of Uncomfortable Or Unfavorable Clothes

One of the golden rules for dressing with style is to avoid pieces that no longer favor you, are in poor condition or are uncomfortable. This is the case of garments that are too tight that only reveal more defects than virtues, footwear that hurts you, or garments that are already deteriorated, with balls, loose threads, or so worn that they become transparent.

5 – Take Risks From Time To Time

Sometimes being stylish is synonymous with taking risks. If your personality is daring by nature, don’t be afraid to innovate, to mix clothes, colors, and textures. The important thing is that you feel good. Remember that trends are there as a guide, but in no way should you be a slave to them. Fashion is pure fun, so enjoy!

6 – Meditata Your Look

A thoughtful style will be much more successful than one that is decided in just a few seconds. As much as possible, try to fix in advance what to wear. Only in this way will you ensure that your outfit does not lack detail since you will have had plenty of time to assess the pros and cons of choosing one or another garment.

Tricks For A Look At The Most Stylish

 Adopting the above habits will make you know how to dress in style. In addition, there are always some looks and combinations with which you will be sure. Take a look at these tips and tricks! 

  • Bet on prints. Patterned and patterned pieces denote personality and style. Don’t be afraid to dare.
  • Incorporate any sportswear. Time to add the ‘athleisure’ style to your days. Remember that sweatshirts, sneakers, or tights are not just for the gym.
  • Wear overlapping garments. For example, put on a skirt with pants, add a tank top to your white shirt, etc.
  • Add a denim jacket to your look. The denim fabric never hurts, so you can add a certain vintage air to any outfit by incorporating this garment.
  • Decorate your dresses with slippers. If you don’t want to look too formal, wear your favorite clothing with some sneakers, and your look will score points.

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