Applying Eyeshadow

Applying Eyeshadow: The Ultimate 5-Step Guide

What is the best way to apply eyeshadow? We have the most important tips and the best introduction ready for you.

Eye shadow is a real game changer in every make-up routine. It makes your eyes shine, gives them more expression and also hides small impurities . Great right? However, many do not really dare to approach the dazzling world of colors that eyeshadow pallets have to offer. The reason: They do not know which eyeshadow to apply where and which tones go best with their own eyes. But we have good news: Applying eyeshadow is not rocket science – provided you know the right tricks and tips. Applying eye shadow like a pro is child’s play with our instructions. Brush and palette out and off you go!

Learn To Apply Eyeshadow

The most important thing about applying eyeshadow in advance: No eyeshadow queen has fallen from beauty heaven yet. As always, exercise is the motto! Don’t be afraid to play and experiment with the different textures and tones your eyeshadow palette has to offer. So that the whole thing doesn’t look like Action Panting à la Jackson Pollock, but rather a harmonious play of colors, you can follow our instructions for applying eyeshadow for beginners.

Applying Eyeshadow: Instructions In 5 steps

1. Apply The Base

So that the eyeshadow looks as even as possible, does not settle in the crease and also lasts for a long time, you should definitely use an eyeshadow base . Apply this with a brush from the upper lash line to under your brow arch. Then powder with a little powder.

2. The Movable Lid

Now choose two tones in your eyeshadow palette with which you want to create your look. First it is the turn of the lighter shade . You apply this to the entire movable lid. In other words: the area from the upper lash line to the crease. Then the next step in the mission ” apply eyeshadow perfectly” has already been achieved.

3. Shade The Crease In The Eyelid

It goes on – with the dark shade . The darker eyeshadow is applied in a semicircle around the corner of the eye in the crease of the eye. Apply your eyeshadow brush to the inner corner of your eye and work your way to the outer corner and back again. Here you can gently move back and forth on your semicircle line a good 30 times in order to blend in the dark shade nicely. In the best case, the transitions are very soft and hardly recognizable. Our tip:Take your time when applying eyeshadow, and be sure to use a fine brush. The softer the bristles, the better you can blend the nuances. If you want to create a dark eyeshadow, first take a more compact brush and then blend with a softer brush.

4. Set Accents

Almost there! Now you have the opportunity to set highlights . To make your lashes look thicker, you can, for example, use a narrow brush to apply some of the darker shade of the eyeshadow along your upper lash line. In addition, you can dab a third, brightly shimmering shade on the inner corner of the eye to visually open the eye. And there’s always a little lighter eye shadow under the brow arch to make you look more alert. Pssst! Alternatively, your highlighter is also suitable for this step .

5. Blend Everything Well

Blend it till you make it! So that the eyeshadow looks perfectly applied, you now have to ensure smooth transitions between the shades. To do this, simply blend both nuances with a soft eye shadow brush. A couple of times back and forth and that’s it!

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