Lip Care

Lip Care: Steps To Beautifully Manicured Lips

Eating, speaking, kissing – lips are an essential part of our complex body and have all kinds of tasks every day. They are not only a particularly erogenous zone, they are equally involved in our facial expression.

Why is n’t regular and intensive lip care just as natural as everything we do with them? Lips are not just beautiful to look at. Your health is just as important , because we also take care of broken, injured or unclean parts of the body.

Why Do I Need To Take Care Of My Lips?

Lips have no sweat glands and only very few sebum glands. For this reason, they also lack the hydro-lipid layer , the body’s own protection consisting of sweat , sebum and water that covers the entire surface of the skin. The penetration of bacteria is thus prevented and the skin retains its moisture. Since this is not the case with lips, they become more easily brittle and unsightly, dry lips develop . External influences such as dust or UV radiation also promote drying out.

3 steps To Healthy Lips: How Do I Care For My Lips Properly?

The perfect lip balm is not as complicated as you might think. With this lip care routine you conjure up a great kissable mouth very quickly.

Peeling and mask for the lips : You should use it to care for your lips 2 – 3 times a week. This also removes dead skin cells.

Brush massage : it’s super quick and easy! Simply take a toothbrush with soft bristles and massage the lips in circular movements for 2 minutes. This promotes blood circulation and supports peeling.

Lip balm : Well-groomed lips want to be supplied with moisture and important nutrients. So always have a lip balm with you, for example in the form of a balm. So you can always do something good for your dry or stressed lips.

What Else Can I Do For Well-Groomed Lips?

In summer : UV radiation also plays a major role in our lips, especially in summer. We therefore recommend a care stick with a sun protection factor, because lips can also be affected by sunburn and lose their freshness through exposure to the sun.

In winter: Even the coldest season puts a lot of strain on our skin. Both outside and inside, where the dry heating air has a rather negative effect on skin and hair. A little tip: place a bowl of water on the heater to increase the humidity in the apartment.

How Do I Do Lip Care Myself?

The DIY variants are not only very economical, but also very easy to manufacture. You usually only need a few home remedies that are probably already in your kitchen cupboard anyway.

Peeling For Lips

What You Need:

1 teaspoon honey
1 tsp sugar
3 drops of olive oil

Mix the ingredients, massage in for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly!

Mask For The Lips

What You Need:

1 teaspoon aloe vera
1 teaspoon olive oil
½ tsp quark

Mix the ingredients, apply on the lips and leave on for ten minutes before rinsing off thoroughly!

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