This Simple Concealer Trick Will Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

This Simple Concealer Trick Will Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Under-eye concealer covers dark shadows, but it can do a lot more. With the right technique, he can make the eyes appear bigger in no time

A beauty product that should not be missing in any cosmetic bag is the concealer. With the right color, it can be used in an incredibly versatile way: covering imperfections, setting natural highlights or smoothing out unevenness are just a few of the possible uses of the multifunctional tool. Most of us likely use concealers or concealers under the eyes to visually lighten dark circles. But this is where the right technique can make a remarkable difference. We’ll show you how to make your eyes look bigger with a simple trick:

How To Enlarge Your Eyes With Concealer

There are many methods of applying concealer under the eyes. To make your eyes look bigger, however, you should proceed as follows: instead of a semicircle under the eye, use the concealer to draw a straight line from the inner corner of your eye down to approximately the beginning of your nostril. This can be a bit thicker and spread out towards the nose. Then dab some concealer next to and under the outermost point of your eye. Blend everything with your skin by tapping the product in gently with your ring finger.

The difference between the two techniques is clearly visible : If you apply the concealer to the entire area under the eye, this area appears larger and thus visually reduces the eye. With the new trick, however, your eye looks bigger and gets a natural lifting effect.

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