Beauty News This Nail Trend Is As Beautiful As A Summer Vacation

Beauty News: This Nail Trend Is As Beautiful As A Summer Vacation

Beauty News: Summer colors on the nails immediately put you in a good mood! This nail design tops it all off – and the stars are already loving it

This summer we like to wear bold colors on our nails. In addition to our favorites yellow and lilac , a new nail design is now conquering all hearts on social networks: water drops!

The trigger for the new nail polish trend was – again – the mega influencer Kylie Jenner. Beauty News She recently posted this picture on her Instagram account:

This look is reminiscent of fresh-out-of-the-sea moments and immediately gives us that summer feeling! For her unusual water droplets nails design, she used a bright orange shade on her fingertips as the basis. Then round points were attached at different points, which look like real water droplets due to the three-dimensional look.

How To Recreate The Nail Design At Home

Of course, you can leave it all to the professionals and go to a nail salon. However, it’s not that difficult to try yourself if you keep the following in mind:

You Need:

  • One or more basecoats
  • Optional: matt top coat
  • Clear coat
  • A tool to draw points, e.g. a dotting tool, a bobby pin or the nail polish brush

That’s How It’s Done:

Apply one or more paints of your choice as a base. You can be very creative here, the main thing is that you let the paint dry out completely.

Optional: Apply a matt top coat to make the drops look even more prominent later.

Now the drops of water come into play. Pick up some clear varnish with the tool of your choice and dab it selectively on your nail. Continue until you have put the desired Beauty News number of drops on your nails. Make sure you use enough clear coat to get the 3D effect you want. The points can be of different sizes. Now let everything dry well again and you’re done!

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