Eyelash Lamination Is A Guarantee Of An Irresistible Appearance

Eyelash Lamination Is A Guarantee Of An Irresistible Appearance

An expressive look is every woman’s powerful weapon. The ability to charm men with one wave of eyelashes caused an increasing desire in women to find new ways and substances to enhance this effect.

For modern women, lamination allows you to change the length, color and shape of eyelashes, as well as fill them with health, preserving their beauty for a long time. The MAX2ORIGINALE eyelash lamination kit helps to make the procedure as effective and safe as possible. The process of the procedure consists in applying a special composition containing keratin and vitamins to the eyelashes. The main advantage is not so much beauty as benefit. After lamination, eyelashes are strengthened, grow more actively and better. If you do not wash your eyelashes within 24 hours after the procedure, the lamination effect can persist for at least 3 months. There are practically no contraindications. The exceptions are pregnancy, ophthalmic diseases and recent eye surgeries.

Some Helpful Tips

  • There is nothing difficult in performing lamination. However, this procedure requires a great deal of patience and utmost precision from the technician. Allocate an appropriate amount of time to style your eyelashes with curlers. At the same time, it is necessary that they do not stick to each other, stick out straight up and do not intersect.
  • When choosing a product for lamination, pay attention to the expiration date. Do not forget that the composition in an open can is stored much less than in a closed one. To avoid confusion and accidental use of a product with an expiration date, always write the date of final use on the product jar.
  • Watch your body’s reactions closely during the procedure. If you experience tingling, burning, or other discomfort, remove the compound and rinse your eyes thoroughly.

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